Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What Happened To U.S. Military Technology?

This happened.

This is why the rulers are so desperate for shortcuts to dominance like robots, space platforms like "rods from god" and other attempts to route around an effective military. With enough robots and super weapons you don't have to rely on the quality of the military or their equipment to still be a force to be reckoned with.

Amerikwa is starting to resemble Adolph in his bunker near the end of the war. His terrible leadership had ruined his military so all he had left was to pray for his "secret weapons" to miraculously come through. In the end, "secret miracle weapons" were the only thing that could have dug him out of the hole he got himself into with terrible decisions like the Russian front. When all you have remaining is to hope for a miracle, it is pretty fair to say you are in desperate straits.

People who were there during the Bradley fiasco said publicly that this fictionalization above did not convey the real idiocy involved at the time. The reality was worse than Hollywood could portray.

The most important wars are going to take place on U.S. soil and it will probably be the last war that country fights.


H├ęctor said...

Well to be fair with Adolf, the Russians were going to attack Germany and possibly Western Europe anyway, so in his madness he avoided the transformation of Western Europe into another Soviet in the Great Union. If you don't believe it read Suvarov for details.

Ave said...

The Pentagon Wars is a truly excellent movie, but you have to have had exoperience with this kind of organizations to really get it, much like the Dilbert comics.

Because it's not as much exageration (it isn't) as just condensing the information into the length of a movie.

samhuih said...

I believe Suvarov is correct that Stalin was going to attack Hitler. The best evidence is the extreme logistics trail all pointing to the invasion of Germany.