Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Transcript From A True Psychotic Personality

A guy who thinks talking about the people he has had killed is hilarious dinner repartee.

Wow, if it was John Gotti he'd be a criminal. Him we need to send to jail. If you make it to the Presidency then you have carte blanche to kill whoever you want. Not only that, talking about killing people is funny. Makes me think of Hillary laughing at the idea Gaddafi (a person never truthfully accused of ever attacking America who lost his children to U.S. airstrikes provoked by an Israeli false flag) was sodomised before he was then bayonetted to death. But the other guy is the monster and the villain. He's the bad guy. Gaddafi was said to be a fairly decent human being - for the Middle East, anyway.

I wish I was making this stuff up. I really, honestly do.

I can assure you, neither John Kennedy nor his brother would have ever laughed at the notion of killing people for any reason. This is why Kennedy banned political assassinations of any kind by the U.S. shortly before he himself was politically assassinated. Kennedy may have been a philanderer and a heel with his wife but he was no psychotic.

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