Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Real Story of Benghazi

A false flag that went haywire and turned into a national embarrassment

With this and "Fast and Furious," it is obvious this "President" and his cabinet are pure Hollyweird actors engaged in grandiose street theatre in the absence of the ability to really do their jobs.

Meanwhile, the country has been falling apart for 8 years while this Kenyan has performed his one-man play about the "greatest Prezident EVAR."

In the real world, America has descended into the gutter unattended and without remedy. The "leadership" inhabits a twilight pretend world that does not intersect at all with anything pertinent or in the national interests.

Gotta tell you, the real idiots here are the people who voted for him in their teeming masses.

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Russell said...

"[T]he real idiots here are the people who voted for him in their teeming masses."

Twice! And still support him!

Talking to die hard Obama supporters is painful, I find it hard to believe we are the same species.

The dude could show up covered in blood and gnawing on a arm, stumble through another teleprompted speech, then start yelling "Come at me, bro!" to the Lincoln Memorial, and his supporters would still stand with him.

How long can such insane people maintain power over the US? How much damage will be done before it falls apart? What will be left? Will the remains be sufficient to start over, or will we fall under the rule of other nations that aren't batshit insane?

Dunno the answers, but Tex is absolutely right, if you aren't preparing, you're toast.