Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Coming of the Urban Prairie

The saps beast will live where it is told to live. No more wild sap herds permitted to roam outside fencing as in the past grazing in the wild. All saps to be corralled into cities.

Melonheads say the wild saps cultivation era is over, from now on they will be regimented onto plantations as it was in the ancient times.

If this was basic policy for monolithic cultures for a 100 thousand years, imagine how overwhelmingly annoying it must have been for the ruling class to know the Neanderthals had tunnelled out the underside of Europe beneath their feet and came and went as they pleased anywhere without subjection to central authority. Must have driven them crazy. Goddamn Neanderthals are worse than moles infesting the backyard. I saw one pop his head up just the other day right in the middle of one of our cities. Somebody should do something about those creatures.

You still can't beat the domesticated ones as bodyguards and sentries, though. Good help like that is hard to find.

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