Monday, May 26, 2014

Terminal Madness of the End Times Entry #92839329

Speech and thoughts rigorously censored until they become meaningless

English is another great innovation in language that we have lost, along with electric light bulbs and hot water for washing. The left is always moving backwards in time, losing even what little progress we have and replacing it with mud huts and witchcraft. At the rate they are going they will soon turn out all the lights, both metaphorically and in reality. We will all sit in the dark and wait for death while we "be good" until the bitter end.

Anybody who argues with me I always like to post this link.

Our society gave up the terrestrial paradise for this hell on earth we inhabit now. They did it because they thought it was a good idea. How is that possible? How did things go so wrong in 50 years?

It started when they infiltrated the home. The living room. That's how it was done.

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Thal Genius said...

It's not that simple with the water though. 60C can easily destroy many fabrics which is why most people wash them at 40C.