Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sea Anemone Loves Sub-Zero Waters!

Yet another organism found to enjoy a climate originally thought to be barren of life.

Think of how many astrobiologists have ruled out life in places where the mean temperature is different from Earth's. They'd be missing a lot of organisms out there now that we know life can get a foothold in a much wider thermal spectrum. Lots of people are saying this is yet more proof that Titan probably has creatures of some sort living on it or in it's "toxic" oceans. (One creature's poison is another's home-sweet-home.)


Grognard said...

I suspect life is simply "everywhere".

Luke said...

According to the original report by the Santa Barbara Independent newspaper, multiple witnesses saw two men in Elliot Rogers' BMW during the murder spree:

"One of the suspects was also reportedly killed, and another is in custody." Now the reports are saying that Elliot was a "lone gunman." The MSM is predictably using this as an excuse for more gun control.

I live an hour and a half from Isla Vista. A friend said she knew one of the dead victims, so unlike Sandy Hook, I think these are actual deaths. But this event smells real fishy.