Thursday, May 29, 2014

Nefertiti Was A Full Service Melonhead

If Nefertiti and her clan lived during the last 4000 years, how much mass has been lost during the last 2000 years alone from interbreeding?

They called it Amarna art fifty years ago despite all the curators of the Egyptian museum standing over the bodies of mummified caucasians with skulls like watermelons and being able to see with their naked eye that these ruling classes were caucasians of a very different breed than other men. That means that every curator over the last half-century has knowingly participated in fraud in order to perpetuate the myth that the current inhabitants of Egypt built the pyramids.

I don't believe Nefertiti or the last pharaonic dynasties built those pyramids. I think they were just involved in their ornamentation and upkeep. All those stories you see on public television that seem to describe the construction of these pyramids can be debunked in ten seconds by a competent translator. There are no such surviving records describing the original construction of any of the major pyramids. Burial dolmens for private citizens are another matter.

As for the Sphinx, that thing sat there under the sand for a long time before Napoleon's troops shot the nose off it and before the Egyptians carved that face on top of the lion's muzzle that was previously there. A long, long time. The melonheads may have considered it part of their duties to maintain these public monuments but I think they were too lacking in ambition for such construction in the last 5,000 years. The modern world is described best by its shrinking mental circumference in all regards. In defacing the Sphinx rather amateurishly by carving the lion into an ugly Pharaoh we see echoes of the modern world where control is so lacking in basic rule of law that all surfaces are covered by graffiti wherever you look. When you are not capable of such marvels and are merely a barbaric and ignorant squatter, you realise at some level that such creation is beyond your grasp so only destruction remains as some power you can exert.

If we really look clearly with new eyes we see that Homo Sapiens is basically an animal that squats in the ruins of former civilisations and takes pleasure in blowing up the evidence of his own shortcomings. These things required powerful, orchestrated acts of creativity on a grand monolithic scale which Saps just does not have in his nature. He is not the author of these antiquities and takes credit for them anyway … even as he destroys them to prove he could not possibly have been responsible for them.

The Melonheads were many things but one thing they were not is merely barbaric and lacking in self-control. This weakness in modern man reveals he is not of the same parentage.


Grognard said...

Those buddhas were not the largest, just the largest LEFT. They demolished buddhas over 600 feet tall as well, over 1000 years ago.

Minerva said...

found an extreme example of melonhead

^^chen luyu--chinese oprah