Friday, May 30, 2014

Modern Ideas Are What Rushes In To Fill A Vacuum

When people stop believing in God they start to worship the State in his place.

Christianity is a pretty crazy religion. We think a carpenter's son died for our sins at a little Roman hill called Golgotha. It's nutty, far-out stuff. We call it faith because your rational mind would never let you put your eggs into this basket.

I know a religion that is much, much crazier. I mean, frothing at the mouth, mad-dog bug-eyed lunatic hysterical insanity.

There are cults that believe that the government, which usually consists of people unfit for real day jobs, often sociopaths and psychopathic personalities whose personal lives are train wrecks, can manage the lives of others for them. These people think that the government knows best and the individual is mistaken in what he believes will lead to his own happiness.

The State has different theological branches that manage an umbrella of cartels protected by law : organised medicine, food regulation and legal jurisdictions. All of these cartels seem to accomplish the exact opposite of the reasons they claim to exist. Doctors make people ill and kill them, lawyers arrange for the guilty and the lawless to go free, food regulators make certain we all eat poisons we have been taught are safe for us. Nobody who works in these cartels ever seems to stop to reflect on the fact that they are never able to achieve any of the things they promise to those who submit to them.

I have trouble believing that even after doctors have admitted that thimerosal in vaccines was a deadly mercury variant that has probably done unimaginable damage to millions of infants that they would still trust them at their word when they promise that they are safe and effective now. You'd think just the fact that they outlawed thimerosal worldwide in vaccines might lead some little bears to stop and pause to think.

No such luck.

If the particular deity of a certain religion failed as much as the State does, you'd think to yourself : probably time to get a new God. That's why Christianity swept the ancient world. It's virtues were numerous, it's drawbacks minor compared to the religions of the era.

The State fails its supplicants again and again and they never do wonder if it really is divine. They do not ask after the doctrines to see that they are sound. The State is a more irrational faith than Christianity or any religion that has ever existed. It is truly a cargo cult of personality waiting on a ship that will never, ever arrive.


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Matthew Richter said...

Technocracy, which appears to be a skewed, third rate version of Atheism/Nihilism. Not the Technocracy I adhere to which happens to include a 'God'.

Chris James said...

Wow, that HuffPost article. America is all propaganda, all the time. "Stop the thinking for ourself and start getting with the scienze bro. You're halting our prog-ress and advancumaprovements towards unspecified goals."