Friday, May 9, 2014

Man Ignores His Doctors, Outlives All Of Them

This is definitely in the feel-good column.

All the doctors who told him he had months to live turned out to only have a few years left themselves. He decided he'd stop worrying and enjoy his life. In this particular instance, it appears his body healed itself once it had less stress to cope with. He died at 102 years of age.

Not all doctors are idiots. The majority of them most certainly are. If you find a good one be sure to hold onto him because the bad ones are legion.

Most doctors are just no good at thinking scientifically about anything. They are not good doctors and would not make good shamans because their instincts are nearly as bad as their capacity to reason. The article points out that doctors treat any complaint of depression with serotonin blockers, when they cannot demonstrate the problem is due to low serotonin and there is no evidence that blocking it or damming it up does much of anything other than turn you into a mass shooter or hammer killer.


Amy said...

Lessons: avoid conventional therapy for cancer.

I avoid conventional therapy for anything, generally. My kids have taken antibiotics a few times, for ear infections. The last ear infection one of them had, I let him ride it out and gave him chamomile and yarrow tea to soothe him and fight the infection. In two days, he was fine.

I have more faith in my herb garden than in modern medicine and its dietary advice and drug-pushing. Any complaint for which I've gone to my doc, I always walked out with a script for an antiobiotic (for "gastritis"), or an anti-anxiety drug, or a recommendation to rest as much as possible and wait for the kids to grow up and get out of my hair...

My solution? Voluminous reading of Dr. Google and self-diagnosis. Not scientific? Not particularly concerned. Gave up the stuff making me sick and starting eating LC. Bam! anxiety reduced to almost nothing, no more stomach pain.

My beloved grandfather died of lung cancer, and I'm almost glad he went so quickly so he didn't have to endure chemo. My grandmother is going through chemo right now, for lung cancer. I want to swoop her up and bring her to our rural home and feed her right and let her live out her last days in peace, rather than watch her hair (and to an old woman, that means a large part of her remaining vanity) disappear in a haze of pain and nausea.

Sorry, Tex. I always ramble on and say nothing, but this is one topic about which I have passionate opinions. Doctors are mechanics, and frequently they get it w-r-o-n-g, and usually to make sure they get more $$$ in the name of giving you "good" service.

As to the second link, I'm not surprised but that doesn't make me less frightened.

Once they can define "normal" then you must either follow party line or be sent for re-education or permanent segregation...or permanent retirement of your mind via a bullet.

tsoefas said...

Actually, there are ways of indirectly measuring neurotransmitter levels and you can also measure the amounts of relevant receptors with animal and post-mortem studies. The drug companies just don't like this because it proved, already in the 1970s, that the dopamine hypothesis of schizophrenia was bullshit. Let me quote from an article:

Metabolite tests provide an indirect way of measuring the amount of dopamine in an area of the brain. One, conducted in 1974 by Malcolm Bowers at Yale University found that the levels of dopamine metabolites in unmedicated schizophrenics were normal.

He published his findings in the 1974 issue of Archives of General Psychiatry, declaring that the results “do not furnish neurochemical evidence for an overarousal in these patients emanating from midbrain dopamine system.”

Then, in 1975 Robert Post at the NIMH, reported in the Archives of General Psychiatry, in an article entitled, Cerebrospinal Fluid Amine Metabolites in Acute Schizophrenia, that no evidence of elevated dopamine levels had been found in 20 unmedicated patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, compared to healthy controls.

Because the researchers could not determine that schizophrenics had an abnormal amount of dopamine, they decided to try to prove that the postsynaptic neurons had too many receptors. In 1978, studies conducted at the University of Toronto revealed that the brains of schizophrenics had about 50% more dopamine receptors than healthy controls.

However, all of these patients had been on neuroleptics, which, as the researchers even suggested, possibly caused the abnormality. Future studies conducted on animals revealed that this was in fact the case. The tests that showed an excessive amount of dopamine neurotransmitters were done on patients that had been receiving neuroleptics. The increase has been attributed to a normal brain adapting to the medication.

Drs. Peter R. Breggin, MD, and David Cohen, PhD, described the dopamine theory as “pure guesswork” from organized psychiatry. In a 1982 issue of Schizophrenia Bulletin, in an article named The Dopamine Hypothesis, UCLA neuroscientist John Haracz concluded: “Direct support [for the dopamine hypothesis] is either uncompelling or has not been widely replicated.”

The 1974 study by Bowers at Yale University revealed that after people had been medicated, a significant increase in dopamine levels occurred. This was evidence of a normal brain’s reaction of creating more dopamine after its signals had been artificially blocked by medication. Other studies soon reported similar findings.

An article published by German researchers entitled, H-Siperone Binding Sites in Post-Mortem Brains from Schizophrenic Patients, that appeared in the 1989 issue of Journal of Neuronal Transmission declared, “From our data ... we conclude that changes in [receptor density] values in schizophrenics are entirely iatrogenic [drug induced].”

tsoefas said...

Also, I think I know why at least antipsychotics would trigger suicidal, if not murderous, thoughts/behaviour:

Causes of Underdiagnosing Akathisia

They often cause low-key akathisia that is confused with depression. A subtle restlessness or emotional dissatisfaction that makes you want to kill yourself.

Forced medication with dopamine blockers is now mandatory in many places in the West for maintenance treatment of those who have experienced psychotic episodes. From what I've read on forums, for some people it's like putting them in hell and giving no non-violent way out. At the same time the efficacy of these drugs is questionable according to many studies. They are still used forcibly on a massive scale regardless of all this. Pretty crazy, huh?

cbenediccengi said...

I know about 10 people I went to high school with that became doctors, and of those 10 I suspected only 1 of them was actually intelligent enough to deserve to be there. This guy had an exceptionally high GPA ,and essentially went to school for free. But, once you spoke to the guy he was pure Marxist to the core, and like the rest of the fakers, was there for social status whoring purposes. He basically thought the public were cattle the 'masters' (like himself, naturally) were free to do as they saw fit, because they 'knew' best. And of course, The Frankfurt School, eugenics, bertrand russell, francis galton, The Tavistock Institute, Rockefeller medicine - AMA, MK Ultra, GMOs, mercury in vaccines, Satanism/blood libel? Conspiracy theories of people he implied needed to be purged. And this is the BEST one of the batch.
Narcissistic Leftists, every one of them.

Of all the planks of the manifesto/pyramid scheme I firmly believe the control of public schooling is the most important. The slaves police themselves through 'outgrouping' and 'popularity'.

n-ikaido said...

It is pretty clear to me that there is something deeply wrong/dysfunctional with homo sapiens when news like the one I linked about how we're being lied to about the food we're putting on our tables aren't enough to spur a world wide revolt against the system. How can an actual human being not know what he's eating and still go to sleep soundly ? I felt my hair raising like crazy when I read that article, despite the fact that I already had high suspicions about mass produced food.

Wouldn't even be surprised if the next step involved a high percentage of Soylent Green.

cbenediccengi said...

Shoot, I forgot to post this before. Solid candidate for theme song.

Also, seems as if this overall meme is breaking through on several fronts. It's as if the minority of thinking people can sense what's ahead of us, but it manifests in different manners.

cbenediccengi said...

Shoot, I forgot to post this before. Solid candidate for theme song.

Also, seems as if this overall meme is breaking through on several fronts. It's as if the minority of thinking people can sense what's ahead of us, but it manifests in different manners.