Monday, May 5, 2014

Line Up For Your Brain Implants

DARPA working on a mechanism for controlling people with an IPhone or other remote device

It's "to help veterans with memory loss problems!" You betcha. Funny how your local VA can't even afford clean gauze to dress wounds with and they end up using old chinese newspapers to soak up pus, but the Defense Department goes all out to help those poor veterans recover their piano lessons. That's why they are spending billions of dollars.

It is similar to their robotics program, which they claims will be to help assist elderly people in nursing, but seems to be all about fitting gun turrets and laser weapons on when deployed in addition to studying how they can be self-powered by eating corpses on the battlefield. So I guess your nurse in your old age will act as a tireless companion until it has to euthanise you after which it incinerates you and then eats the ashes on the rec room floor in front of the other senior citizens while they play backgammon. That makes sense.

Anybody who is dumb enough to allow another human being to install a chip inside their head shouldn't cry when they use their IPad to immediately make you strip naked and run down the street with your underwear pulled over your head singing Village People tunes. You brought it on yourself.

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