Saturday, May 3, 2014

Kwanstainian Military Only Fit To Beat Camel Drivers

Exercise in India showed 9-to-1 kill ratio between Russian-Made and American-Made

Amerikwans aren't living in the country they think they are living in. What is happening is not what they think is happening.

My America in 1963 was an incredible nation. Fifty years later, not so much, itz.

There is at least one really good explanation for how Kwanzanians got that stupid that fast.

Dude, we're like IDIOCRACY or something.

The former National Security Council spokesman is like a frat pledge with an undiagnosed clinical IQ of 70 who has enormous difficulty speaking in complete sentences.  "Whatever!" Sorry, I thought this was about the overrun of a U.S. Embassy followed by one of your diplomats being sodomised and then beaten to death before being dragged behind a car, an incident in which three Special Forces soldiers lost their lives. They were strangely never assisted by the White House when they had a drone in the air overhead with live video feed and a two million strong military despite hours of pleading for reinforcements. That incident?

You could blame the educational system but that would not have produced the same effect in the short time we have seen the country of the United States transform into slack jawed, gawping halfwits. The educational system was not capable of coping with the overload of morons that appeared in the last three decades and you can't blame them for just washing their hands and giving them all a pass right through to college.

When I was in school, even I noticed the teachers were ridiculing the nerds and people who used big words when they talked like "ridicule." It just rapidly went downhill from there.

It is amazing this country can produce a jet that is airworthy at all.

The real gifts of this country are theatrical. They're good at pretending stuff. Maybe it is all they have left, is pretending.

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Publius said...

Thanks, Tex. I like the encouragement. We are applying for residence in at least one non-idiocratic nation this coming month. Wish us luck.
I am wondering whether or not nations that are not full of morons will give us a chance to contribute, rather than the refugees who mainly become parasites to the nation.

I can't take the hypocrisy and immorality anymore. Knowing that my taxes pay for the slaughter of innocent shepherd kids in tribal lands is enough to make me sick.
Soon, the drones will turn against the moronic American voters themselves. And they'll whine and cry, but why should anyone care? They didn't, except for a minority, care about the ongoing slaughter of innocents done in their name.