Friday, May 2, 2014

Jimmy Savile Public Service Message

You couldn't make this stuff up.

Kwanzanians are creepy, mommy. I don't like it when there are Kwanzanians around.

Sounds more and more like Russia in 1918. A second Bolshevist Coup, this time in North America.

Improvementation Nation.

P.S. This "LEAN FORWARD" Orwellian gibberish really makes my skin crawl. It is disturbing and weird. What, ?LEAN FORWARD? like you are trying to intimidate people into conceding and agreeing with whatever you are imposing on them? Sick, strange stuff. Such odd behaviour.

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olebob said...

Re: "The American Empire Crumbles Before Our Eyes Right Here at Home"

Amerikwa became the perfect society of sociopaths and we see the results.

I think the only way to survive and thrive during the end of the USA, is to be a part of a conscious community that looks out for its own.

Case in point, Spanish Harlem seemed healthier than any other place mentioned in the article.