Sunday, May 4, 2014

Jeff Bauman, Ultimate Bad-Ass Amongst Bad-Asses

That's a champion back on his "feet" (figuratively) in 19 days after having both legs blown off.

Generations of war heroes spent years in veteran's hospitals recovering from complications, infections, shock and then learning to use prosthetics. It took some of them a year just to adjust to the reality of having lost their legs and to talk about it sufficiently to then be coaxed into a year of rehab and practicing using artificial legs.

This uber-badass was all grins in 19 days, identifying terrorists, cheering on the fans and whooping it up for the crowd barely after the blood had dried. It was almost like he was already an amputee and had just chucked on a fake bloodless prosthetic limb for the cameras to do some "emergency" photos.

That's not bad-ass, that is ultimate bad-ass. Ultimate bad-ass Jeff Bauman is the king of bad-assery. If Chuck Norris and Jeff Bauman had a fight, Chuck Norris would regret all his movies portraying himself as a bad-ass when it would be obvious Jeff was the world's greatest bad-ass having beaten Chuck to a pulp using only his small pinkie toe … if it was found. Legs blown off like disposable tampons and back out on the dance floor in 19 days. This is a true story that really happened. It really did.

I would describe Jeff Bauman as the most incredible medical miracle in the recorded history of life on planet Earth, period. It's just lucky that this story is TOTALLY TRUISH. I don't doubt that Jeff may have lost his legs to a bomb of some sort except I expect it was in Iraq, several years ago.


Russell said...

19 days and he's standing up on the prosthetics like he's been on them for months. Oh, wait...

This is a good sign, the elites are sure enough of us are too stupid and will swallow this crap. Their hubris ripens, and one thing is always for sure, hubris is struck down. Over and over again.

Let's not interrupt the enemy while they are in the middle of a mistake.

Gregg said...

i agree this is another false flag. the evidence is overwhelming.

what i can't wrap my head around, like 911, are all the people who are in on it but say nothing. for example, all of bad ass jeff's family, friends, and acquaintences. probably hundreds of poeple aware of the hoax thru this one individual alone. it boggles the mind.

Texas Arcane said...


Think of the apparent hundreds of people who knew Barack Obama was a professional teenage male prostitute in college and how many people who went to his school who never saw him attend a class. Barack was so widely known in gay bars and bathhouses in Chicago it was assumed he would never be able to run for the Presidency as a well known openly gay man.

When the occasional person wants to come forward, the mass media close ranks and make certain that person gets zero air time anywhere if possible. If it wasn't for the internet you would never hear any of it.