Thursday, May 15, 2014

How Dysgenics Works

The survival of the craziest and most impulsive, the feebleminded and the least cautious

(Courtesy Vault-Co reader)

The standard criteria for selection - basic sound principles of conduct that were practiced for the past ten millennia - have been radically altered to favor the polar opposite types that nature previously imposed stringent mortality rates upon.

Those people you see on reality television? They didn't exist two centuries ago, anywhere. Their own habits doomed them to die very young, even if they survived birth.

I had a conversation with someone earlier this week who was so nutty it sounded like somebody had shot Oprah Winfrey up with a cocktail of LSD and mescaline. I was actually afraid of her and just listened quietly until she finished because I didn't want to make any sudden moves around her. I think there are lots and lots of these people around nowadays. I think it is rapidly becoming the rule instead of the exception.

Remember when you see what kind of leaders we have around now, people like this would be easily regarded as ineligible and unelectable under any circumstances just fifty years ago. Before you blame their leaders, blame the people who elected them and believed they were legitimate candidates for office.

A nation can survive fools in office but it cannot survive fools in ballot booths.


Chris James said...

I would point out that feudal society is just as much an aberration as modern society. Seems like human populations come to a tipping point where natural forces no longer can keep them in check, and societies like that are a "solution."

Texas Arcane said...

@Chris James


The difference being, under feudalism, doing crazy random irresponsible things constantly led to you either starving, in prison or in the gallows.

Grognard said...

great post.