Monday, May 12, 2014

Disney Getting Some Of That Spook Money

Kids, ever-present drones that monitor all our waking actions watching for signs of resistance as part of a worldwide satellite network are a normal and healthy part of our lives.

Walt Disney's relatives tried to resist the takeover of the corporation but as you might guess from watching this, they lost a long time ago.

Disney must be getting some of that 2+ Billion dollars allotted in the congressional budget for counterintelligence and agitprop on U.S. soil directed at its own citizens.

Those shutterbugs are so darned cute.

During a massive depression, drone manufacturers desperately need new markets for technology perfected abroad to kill people off American soil. They provide a large impetus to journalists and media people to promote drone technology as beneficial, life saving technology that we should learn to accept as the natural background environment with them floating around us all the time. Ready to kill us at any instant.

The problem with Orwell is he thought small. His regime used pre-soviet technology to enforce itself on its citizens whereas developments in tech would make dystopian governments capable of tyranny that boggles the mind.

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Thordaddy said...

I've told my son that the ubiquity of video games provides for future drone training. The greater nerds must look forward to a time when their lesser nerd sons will be controlling KILLER drones as though they were playing nothing but boyhood video games.