Friday, May 23, 2014

Complex Societies Survived In Amazon Until Last 1000 Years

Some estimates say over 100 million people lived in complex cities in the Amazon.

Then they got hit by European diseases carried in by explorers.

This is part of a much larger story. Amongst other things, the "rumours" that have circulated for centuries about complex kingdoms of gold that lived in the deepest regions of the Amazon were obviously true. Hundreds of European explorers vanished in the Amazon, many of them probably killed by people who feared them for good reason - it is likely they were carrying diseases that wiped out these entire societies. These people were afraid of multiculture and did not appreciate the improvementation that Europeans were importing.


njartist said...

And what is the immediate goal of these white coats? "If this theory is correct, the networked structure of the ancient settlements may lend insight to better ["]protect["] and manage the indigenous populations and forests that remain in the Amazon today, scientists said. "

I don't think that that is a logical conclusion to a finding that these people are remnants of a larger civilization.

First, the finding that these "pristine" forests are over growths of swaths of urban landscape means the whole "rain-forests must be preserved or we die" environmentalism goes out the window. Second, I would think that instead of leaving the indigenes in their degraded position, one would seek to reintegrate them into the new civilization around them: restoring them in other words; in fact, these white coats are demanding that they be left in their degraded enclaves: so much for diversity and multiculturalism; I wonder if they even recognize the irony. But restoring the indigenes to an advanced civilized status would reduce the amount of "control and protection" the white coats would be able to impose: for those in Rio Linda, that means less power for the white coats.

njartist said...

"And now that the Amazonian "garden cities" have been found, Heckenberger added, scientists and planners ought to study them closely for alternatives to the modern system that is destroying vast reaches of the Amazon and displacing the last of the region's indigenous tribes. "

Again, it is all about white coat power.

Thal Genius said...

The mistake of modern civilisation is the assumption that to build cities, you must level forests first. One does not need to look further than Helsinki to see that it's untrue.