Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bill Gates Working On Reducing Worthless Eaters

Which of course means black and brown people in poor countries, first and foremost

Planning on killing as many people as possible in the shortest time possible using his profits from Microsoft.

Creepy, creepy stuff. Do not read or watch video at link above if you're in no mood to hear bad news. This is really bad stuff. The mainstream media keeps this stuff unpublicized with great effort on their part.

It is heart breaking to read about those Indian farmers committing suicide over their Monsanto bills. They are a proud people in their poverty and are taking it out on themselves. It is not their fault but they don't know that.

These are cold bastards who go for the weak and vulnerable in third world countries because they are the low hanging fruit in their depopulation scheme. Don't worry, they are getting around to you. They have a long list of people they want to kill off.

This is all a natural result of turning away from faith in God and the belief that man is a unique animal with a value inherent wherever found. This is what rushes in to fill the vacuum left behind.

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