Sunday, May 18, 2014

Australia's New Prime Minister Is The Greatest Leader In The Western World Since Charles De Gaulle

Tony Abbott forces globowarmthinkists to seek real jobs.

Australia needs separation between church and state. It should start with zero funding of private religious activities with public money and globowarmthinkery is nothing but warmed-over druidism.

The usual fakes, frauds, whiners and congenital malingerers are screeching like moonbats at a fruit fight.

Listen, how much do we have to change the Australian Constitution to put this guy in office for life? People have to realise that we may be entering an era when reading is not just for fags.

If Tony Abbott had taken over from Rudd instead of Gillard the economy would look nothing like what it does at present. I reckon we'd still be registering strong growth in most industries. As it stands it looks like somebody let a bull run through a china shop and Abbott is just trying to clean up the mess.

Labour going mad over government cuts to their vital and important programs to study gender based freshwater shrimp karate and postmodernist studies of comparative penis sizes of the tsetse fly. You people explain to me what we are going to do with all these martial arts shrimp and well-hung flies waiting in our laboratories. You conservatives need to think through the consequences of these things.

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cbenediccengi said...

good interview. really hits some great points starting around the 18:00 minute mark