Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ancient Chinese Inscription On Oracle Bone

I spoke to someone from Asia last night who told me about a very old carved bone script from the Shang Dynasty. There are thousands of these bones containing a brief, pithy aphorism which many believe are the origins of Haiku and other forms of short poetry in China.

This bone may be between 4000 and 1500 years old depending on who you listen to, almost certainly carved from another bone before it.

It says :

"Do not prosecute or plague monkey or any of his descendants. They were here first and are the original people of the Earth. The gods themselves protect monkey. Long after we are gone, they will endure, for it is only monkey and his children who can live in the cold."

- ?Shang Dynasty? circa 1500 B.C. 

Worth noting here that it is difficult to separate "Monkey" as a mythological folk figure from many tribes of ancient Chinese people who seem to be associated with him. They were regarded as one and the same during the Shang Dynasty. If you read through to the end of the article, they are now finding what appear to be semi-domesticated horse bones over 700,000 years old in China. Before the last Snowball Earth event, in fact.

UPDATE : That word "prosecute" (as opposed to "persecute") is a translation of a pictograph in Chinese that means "to harass with legalism" or to impose rules on a person they cannot possibly follow. If you have Aspergers then I guarantee you that at some point in your life you have been humiliated and reprimanded for breaking rules that didn't exist until somebody decided to invent them. Chances are you watched through a window as somebody yelled at you for doing something you could see all the children doing outside while you stood with your head down. You are not alone. This has happened to every single one of us at some point in our lives. The truth is, some people just hate our guts. They'll think of a reason why, just wait until it comes to them. But first of all, they hate our guts. Period. They'll find something to hang it on later.

Some studies show those feelings start in the playground when the Asperger's child enters upwind of everyone else so they catch subtle olfactory variants that they process subconsciously. If the Asperger's child enters from downwind, those feelings may not start until they are close enough to smell. So disturbing that a lot of shrinks just buried the results. Kind of like when they went to study why the most gifted children are bullied so hard and they discovered that it was the adults, not the kids, who were the prime instigators and ringleaders. This doesn't change when you are an adult, if anything it grows much more refined in its cruelty.


Thal Genius said...

This is exactly like that thing Cleve was talking about. It is almost as if it was written by a saps aware of his fate.

Tom Fahy said...

Dietrich Eckart on the Vagabond [read: "Rodeo Clown"]: "It lies in the nature of the vagabond ... to have a heart so full that it matters not how his head happens to be persuaded; it will always be his heart that determines the outcome. They feel intuitively that which the clever, despite their understanding, are not able to see. And they preserve it. One may deceive their heads, but not even [the clever] have authority over their spirits."

Grognard said...
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