Friday, May 30, 2014

"Amateurs" Are Always Better Than The Official Orthodoxy (At Everything)

Technoarchaeology - Resurrecting Old Satellites In Orbit

Imagine that kind of taxpayer money spent to put that satellite up there but being unable to find anything to do with it despite it being perfectly serviceable and still answering commands.

Throughout human history, enthusiasts and laymen have made all the important scientific discoveries and breakthroughs, pioneered every single inquiry that led to a paradigm change and always been the first to suggest new ideas that later turned out to be major insights that were converted from fringe crank talk to the mainstream.

All the orthodoxy ever was is a spider that comes in and spins a web then sits there waiting for money, status, authority and power to get caught up in it somewhere. They lack natural curiosity. Unlike Neanderthals, these people don't know how to enjoy anything in life other than football, sex and class wars. Anything else bores them. They won't let you get your hands on their discipline, though - they keep it under glass and undisturbed just the way they found it.

This is called sensible adult behaviour and yet if everybody was like this, we'd all still live in mud huts, eat our meat raw and think the planet was flat. People don't know it but without Neanderthal enthusiasm they'd lack even the knowledge that something was horribly wrong somewhere.

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Grognard said...

Most of efforts in large places of business go towards wacking the competition, not doing well yourself. Just like it is on the global scale. Competence is a big bullseye between your eyes.