Saturday, May 17, 2014

90% of All War Mortality Is Civilians & United States Responsible For 201 Out of 248 Wars Since 1945

Support war if you like to kill women and children, because that is who dies in those stupid affairs.

Remember that warrior ethics emerge naturally and organically from higher testosterone levels in the blood from a younger age in men because of their effects on neurological development of the brain. The keystone of warrior ethics is a high degree of courtesy, restraint, adherence to rules and an overriding regard for the safety of women and children. People who kill women and children aren't warriors, they are savages. It is perfectly normal with males who have low testosterone and low growth hormone to exhibit extreme aggression and be very ruthless killers. We could say that strong males kill with great discrimination, but weak males kill indiscriminately.

We could shorten this to declare that men with weak constitutions start wars in which mostly women and children die.

The Nazis Were Bad Guys But The U.S. Is The Good Guys

That is the story they tell despite being unable to tell the two political entities apart from one another.


His Majesty said...

With information like this you'd think more people would question what they've been told about WW2.

Texas Arcane said...

@His Majesty

Indeed. Since the order to turn off the radar at Pearl Harbor came from the President F.D.R. himself personally a person might begin to wonder if it was actually 202 wars including 1945.