Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Yellowstone Getting Ready To Blow Alongside West Coast Megaquake?

That would provide for very interesting times.

Everybody is now writing we seem to be entering a period of increased seismic activity in North America. Apparently they think North America has its own separate tectonic plate system from the rest of the planet.

Welcome to Vault-Co, fellas. We've been waiting for you to arrive mentally.

I wonder how many of these guys have a comprehensive framework in place to explain why all this is happening. You know, an integrated theory that ultimately traces its causality back to the Sun and recurrent magnetic reversals as part of a standard 11,500 year cycle on the planet. If this theory is correct, it would be predictive. A person who had a coherent theory for these things probably would have started a blog 14 years ago to help people to understand them.

... but, remember, no matter what happens, I'm still crazy.

I'm trying to imagine a nation like Kwanstainia fragmented into a thousand competing ethnic groups trying to pull together after a Yellowstone super eruption and work together as one nation to recover. I'm not seeing that happening at all. This isn't the America I was born in.


Some dude said...

You might want to consider that God set all these forces in motion a long time ago because He knew very well how we were going to handle this is exact scenario at this precise time.

If we, Gentiles and Jew, choose the act according to our own base natural instincts, then He will give us the base natural results that He set up so long ago.

That is, He will tear this place apart.

Texas Arcane said...

@Some Dude

That's exactly what I believe.

You'll also notice, that a "disaster" for a God fearing nation is not quite the same thing as a "disaster" for a bunch of multi cult sodomites.

One of the values of religion is that it gives people a common context. This common context helps steer nations through times that can be chaotic.

In a nation founded on a sincere Christian faith, a super eruption can be a catastrophic thing but not necessarily the end of that nation. After all, they have that nationwide common ethic and spiritual foundation acting as a beacon to everybody no matter what happens. A couple years later, they rebuild and they recover.

In a fragmented disunited country like the U.S., the eruption of Yellowstone would utterly destroy it and it would sink into violence and ferocious intergroup struggles that would make the end of Rome look like a girl scout jamboree. It would absolutely be babies, the other white meat. The 'Stain would never recover from such an event and would end up several different ethnic regions with little or no common cause in anything and no motivation to ever restore central government at all.

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