Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Why What Is Broken Cannot Be Fixed

The problem is Homo Sapiens.

Something is busted there. It won't fix itself and it will not change. That's why declining civilizations never pull out of their tailspins.

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styrac1 said...

"Behold, I show you the last man"


"To fight the West successfully, you would have to become like the West, and if that happened,
you would become the kind of wishy-washy, pacifistic milquetoast society that didn’t want
to fight about anything at people are unwilling to make sacrifices,
focused on the short term, easily distracted, and lacking in courage.In a world where the great questions have been solved and geopolitics has been subordinated to economics, humanity will look a lot like the nihilistic “last man” described by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche:
a narcissistic consumer with no greater aspirations beyond the next trip to the mall."

"Ultimately, even if China and Russia do attempt to contest the basic terms of the current global order, the adventure will be daunting and self-defeating. These powers aren’t just up against the United States; they would also have to contend with the most globally organized and deeply entrenched order the world has ever seen,
one that is dominated by states that are liberal, capitalist, and democratic."