Sunday, April 6, 2014

UK Police Pretend To Catch Another Minnow

While all the whales swim past

You can see the guys are hot on the trail of the big ringleaders. They are going to work their way up the pyramid to the top, which should take over one thousand years at the current rate of progress.

Meanwhile Jimmy Savile's entire entourage is living it up and drinking champagne. They are certain to die in warm beds of natural causes.

I would bet you I could work there for six months and catch nearly every single pedophile in Britain. The secret is to bust the top and work your way down in the opposite direction to the minnows. Start by putting a ram through the gate at Buckingham Palace and you will find you are hacking at the root of the tree of evil. The top guys have all the links to their cabal. You could follow the trail to every cell one at a time.

The only reason to work at the other end of the hierarchy is you are just pretending to care about catching anyone.

P.S. "City of London" IP hit within seconds of posting this. Somebody has got a heuristic 'bot watching this site for keywords, at least one of which is "Savile." Had not seen it show up for weeks until that moment. Awww, guys, it is flattering but at the end of the day I am just some harmless crank in Australia nobody in their right mind would take seriously. I don't even take myself seriously. A crank with 3 million hits on his site over the past ten years but nevertheless, a crank.

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tempesttcup said...

Mitch at Apocalypse Cometh has also been getting hits from the City of London recently.

And this is what happened to his traffic after he wrote about it: