Friday, April 18, 2014

The World Is Run By Peds #2

What happens at Bryan Singer's house on the weekend

I figured out the biological game theory of all this a long time ago.

It starts with basic sociopath. Then you figure in the low investment strategy of sex with children in terms of energy required to find and sustain relationships. There is a much better ratio of return for a person who simply is not as interested in love, closeness and mammalian family the way a real person would be. The child predator is pursuing a gigantic arc of efficiency that starts and begins with the fact their insides are a virtual vacuum in there.

You also consider the reward to their personalities which essentially revolves around dominance, cruelty and inhuman lack of empathy. The child is the ideal victim and also represents the lowest risk in order to fulfil these wicked, innate impulses at the same time they gratify their sex drives. All things considered, being a child molester is secondary to the fact that deep in the root of their beings they were born monstrous, horribly twisted abominations. All these other behaviours tend to flow out of that in terms of the path of least resistance to their development in life. The child sex is just genetic expression for the person they were born as.

Even as a good tree does not produce bad fruit, so a bad tree cannot produce good fruit.

It is not that having sex with children is a "sickness" that otherwise spoils what would be a healthy human being. They are in fact poisonous and toxic right down through their biology to the cellular level. If it doesn't express itself as dominance and humiliation of children with a sexual component it would most assuredly express itself in another fashion that would be just as bad. This is why child predators are always found associated with other things that don't seem related, including murder, torture, kidnapping, forgery and embezzling.

The Teutonics in Europe knew there was not a cure for this and that is why they administered the only cure that works, which was drowning them in public while other men held them down, then permitting the child they had offended to walk out into the river and stand on their shoulders when they were dead. Over the course of thousands of years, this emerged from trial and error as the best way to handle these horrible, depraved bastards and to put them and their crimes behind you in the past so you could get on with your lives.

If you compare the Teutonics with their matching roles of fathers in the Middle East, you can see the real gulf between the two peoples is and has been enormous for thousands upon thousands of years. After the ritual of drowning the child molester, all the people in the village would treat the boy or girl involved as though it had never happened and the girl would be assumed to be a chaste virgin on her wedding night. Nobody would speak of it again and the boy would be treated as no less a man when he came of age. Think of the Middle East where the girl is punished by stoning her to death in an open pit and even the man who did the deed is invited to throw a stone of his own at the young girl he has caught and deflowered by force. Compare this to all those tales you have heard of these brutal, heartless Viking barbarian peoples of Europe in the old days and then ask yourself which group of people would really have the deepest compassion and love of their own children and would show it in their actions. I would say that Christ was right - you really do know people by their fruits.


Amy said...

Where's Lex Luthor when you need him? Seems plausible that a few well placed nukes on the San Andreas fault could sink this particular Sodom.

theepilgrim said...

Singer is one of 'the chosen', don't count on him serving any jail time.

Makes you wonder if their tradition of mutilating boys' penises has less to do with honouring God and more to do with expressing sexual dominance over a helpless victim.

Singer basically makes two types of films: Nazi/white-guilt movies, and comicbook movies, where all the characters are one-dimensional [url=]power-fantasies[/url]. The X-men movies in particular are thinly veiled homosexual propaganda films. Not that there's any link between pedophilia and homosexuality. No, no, that sort of talk is bigoted and closed-minded.

Lugh said...

They choose underage teens because it's easier? Think of the legal risk. Why not just hire a pro who is 21 if that's all it is? I'd say that Gays worship youth and will do anything to get it - even take risks like this just for the sake of a couple of years. Of course for powerful men the risk is much less evidently.

When it comes to sex with children, it becomes even darker: something analogous to human sacrifice as David Icke has said.

Lugh said...

They choose underage teens because it's easier? Think of the legal risk. Why not just hire a pro who is 21 if that's all it is? I'd say that Gays worship youth and will do anything to get it - even take risks like this just for the sake of a couple of years. Of course for powerful men the risk is much less evidently.

When it comes to sex with children, it becomes even darker: something analogous to human sacrifice as David Icke has said.

olebob said...

Along those lines, I just watched an 8 part series called True Detective.

It was addictive, but by the end of it I regret watching it.

It was the usual ideas Hollyweird wants us to get used to. Satanism, atheism, anal sex, kiddy torture. As usual Christianity is the source of the malevolent evil.

Same ole, same ole, from the usual suspects.

This time I felt like an incantation was weaved into the entire series and someone had taken a big dump in my soul.

Avoid if you value your mental/ spiritual health.

cbenediccengi said...

not exactly pertinent to this article, but thought you/readers would get a kick out of it anyways.

Texas Arcane said...


Some people identify with superheroes because it is unrewarded good that seems to always be able to overwhelm all the bad that is in the world. The comic book provides a simple answer to a real world that appears to be unfairly slanted towards the worst so the comics give super powers to people who are able to oppose them.

Other people, namely gays, identify with people who have superhuman powers because such people are untouchable, can do whatever they want and are unaccountable to anybody. It represents the complete unleashment of the instincts and an end to impulse control. This is the part of superhero mythologies that is attractive to them. Notice how most of their "superhero" movies involve the widespread destruction of stuff in an insane orgy of meaningless. Compare to the original superman with Christopher Reeve where a large part of the film is dedicated to showing all the good things he accomplishes in his first night. Also notice that when capturing criminals, instead of punishing them he tells them how good it will be to confess their crimes and seems to be withholding his judgement on them. Gay superhero movies are always about killing people (see end of Henry Cavill ultra-queer superman movie after destroying entire city) and inflicting arbitrary punishments on people as judge/jury/executioner. You always had the feeling Christopher Reeve would never kill anybody for any reason.

That's why most of these superhero films are so disappointing and a big flop. The people making them do not understand comic book heroes at all. If they are not better people inside then what good are they whatever superpowers they might have?

Second Spiderman with Toby was off to a fantastic start when we see him trying to deliver a pizza on time and instead he ends up being late because he has to save two children from being hit by a truck. It is very rewarding for the audience to then see him unable to even keep his pizza job. The audience know by this time his biggest super power is really his good heart.

the-mccanns-versus-the-worlds-biggest-mafia-aangirfan said...

What is going on is mind boggling.

vindictive-genocide-most-foul-1943-great-bengal-famine-kills-5-2-million-deliberate-starvation-of-a-gentle-race-rothschild-stooge-amartya-sen said...

One site I always recommend is the captain. He is pretty hard on the west and rightly so. He refers to the current ruler of India as the Italian waitress.

theepilgrim said...

@tex Yes, the true appeal of Superman, the thing that's made him an icon for almost a hundred years, is that he's someone who can do whatever he wants, but always does what's right, no exceptions, no wavering. It's a really simple, straightforward concept, and the appeal of such a character should be obvious, but I guess it shouldn't surprise anyone that the good folks in Hollywood fail to grasp it.

And I agree about Spiderman 2. The Raimi movies have some flaws, but they get the most important thing right.

Texas Arcane said...


I burst out laughing when Singer said through his lawyer these are absurd exaggerations. He didn't say they were false.

"I didn't drug an underage teen at my party with Xanax and butt-rape him. We gave him wine and Valiums and butt-raped him. Get your facts straight."