Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Weapons of WW3 Roll Off The Assembly Line

A navy destroyer designed to evade radar profile that fires railguns and can be fitted to launch tactical nukes offshore without being spotted!

Ball over to your court, Russia and China. Shaping up to be the mother of all wars when it starts.

Notice how they named it after Zumwalt not because of his early obsession with viable defence of the United States during nuclear war but because later in his career he became a socialist fruit who thought females should serve combat duty. I wish I could make up stuff like this but I am not crazy enough. The left loves anybody who is anti-life enough to suggest that the miraculous ability of women to reproduce the species is not as important as having both genders on the front lines pretending sexual dichotomy doesn't exist in their madhouse screwball politics. Every instinct in a healthy male with his limbic cortex turned on screams that this is wrong, so leftists love to make it policy no matter how many times it is retracted later on when they discover it to be impossible.

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KW Jackson said...

Dichotomy would be better replaced with dimorphism in this piece.