Saturday, April 26, 2014

"The Mark Will Not Be Optional"

Cellphones have been a perfect way to prepare people for it.

When a lot of those girls find out their phone will only work with the mark, they'll line up for it.


Mex Arcane said...

As the article says, in a couple of years' time all the kiddies will be getting around with their Google Glass shades on, so that they can flood Youtube & Facebook with any piece of their mediocre lives they deem interesting.

All that'd need doing is to lock the mobiles and "augmented reality" devices to the user's RFID implant. Obviously that's not a foolproof anti-theft measure, but that's beside the point.

Russell said...

And yet, these bozos can't get a website up and running.

I keep hoping since these people are blithering idjits and have overweening pride, they won't do the obvious and let the market create these implants, but will want to do the whole thing themselves, and fail like they consistently do.

Faint hope, I know, but watching the world governments flail about over everything, I don't believe my hope is without foundation.