Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Jackboots Of Tyrants

Free speech is only permitted in designated zones now in the 'Stain

Sounds like a really bad dystopian science fiction story. It isn't.

Tonight I was watching Stephen Colbert with my son and we listened to a politician trying to help legalize cockfighting in the U.S. as an officially recognised sport. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. One of the things that has always distinguished the U.S. from backward, barbaric nations is cockfighting. I guess since all those people have immigrated, they might as well make the sport legal.

I flipped through a couple channels after it was over, just idly looking to see if anything was on I could stomach to watch but it was …

… gaymarriage gaymarriagegaymarriage gaymarriagegaymarriagegay marriage gaymarriagegaymarriage gaymarriagegaymarriage gaymarriage gaymarriagegaymarriage gaymarriage gaymarriagegaymarriage gaymarriagegaymarriage gaymarriagegaymarriagegaymarriage …

… on every channel. Some channels were running dramas or cop shows or reality shows, it didn't matter, somehow the subject of all of them managed to get steered around to gaymarriage or gay concerns or gaybies or gay families or coming out or gay courage in the face of oppression or gaymarriage.

I mean … everything. Saturation. I tried to turn it to some neutral programming but within seconds it came up in somebody's speech or dialogue. Apparently, it is the only subject on earth as far as the people who own and craft television content are concerned. Right now, anyway. Probably in ten years it will be bestiality or marriage rights for men and farm animals. That is the next "frontier" after this one.

On one channel, some guy accused of polygamy in the Mormon church was explaining that if gay marriage was going to be legal then it is ridiculous to try to enforce monogamy. They were all catcalling him and telling him that was absurd but of course it wasn't. It was completely reasonable and next logical social bulwark that will collapse, obviously. After that, all the floodgates will open.

Something will give soon. It won't go on like this much longer. Then it will get really ugly. Time to open those FEMA camps and some state law enforcement will probably be their first inmates.

The decay that Rome took 150+ years to experience slowly has been traversed by the 'Stain inside of a single decade. Somebody is in a real hurry to tie up the loose ends.

Remember all those promises about globalism introducing a world of prosperity and plenty? All lies. Every word of it. Centralized economic management doesn't work. The world had freer trade in the 1900's than it has ever had in the past century. The only responsibility of the government is to enforce contracts and punish embezzlers, thieves and crooks. When they got rid of the Glass-Steagall act in 1998 and the other western countries followed, they threw open the barn door to international finance to literally steal the Western world blind. They took everything and their losses were paid off by the governments themselves. Insane. Makes cockfighting look fairly rational in comparison. The governments themselves have been the biggest enablers of organised crime, opening their own bank vaults to their predations.

Last person out of Western civilisation remember to check that the pilot is off and the lights are out.


August said...

Behind all this nonsense are the lawyers, and the whole divorce industry. The lawyers like serial monogamy, but I don't think they like polygamy, or poly anything because there are too many parties with a claim on the wealth.

In this upside down world, the homosexuals act as the pious baptists, while the lawyers act as the bootleggers- both baptists and bootleggers want booze to be illegal, just like both gay activists and lawyers want gay marriage. This is one of the reasons Republicans aren't going to fix this- they are a bunch of lawyers too.

I am of the opinion that Christians should marry without reference to the state. Well, we'd probably need a few things like power of attorney in case of emergencies, but at least we'd be free from the divorce industry's claws. One could almost feel sorry for the poor gay bastards who actually fall for this crap- they shall feel the pain so many straight American men have felt thanks to family courts.

Amy said...

August, my husband and I have a civil marriage and we are preparing to have it validated in the Church. As far as I am concerned, this will be our new anniversary date and the only "marriage" that matters. He is doing this for my sake, and for the sake of our children.

Gay marriage...whatever. Once marriage became about validating feelings versus forming stable family units and raising children, it was lost. Marriage is the proper context in which to explore romantic love and sex, not the other way around, but that's a lost notion and no reclaiming it now. Such a bourgeois notion, marriage and family! Children are perfectly fine no matter who raises them, or how, no?

NO! emphatically so. But most people don't understand that.

The Gay Propaganda is strong in so much TV I hardly watch it anymore, even some shows I once enjoyed, like "Doctor Who." If the husband didn't want to keep NASCAR on in the background on Sundays, we wouldn't have a TV at all.

I read to my kids instead. It's better. WE're moving through Aesop's fables and the Bible tales of Creation, the Flood, and the Patriarchs. Laura Ingalls Wilder and E.B. White feature in our bedtime ritual. We'll have to explain the sticky situation of homosexuality eventually, as it is present in our family, but I see no need to bombard them with sentiments for disordered behavior before due time and proper context.

samhuih said...

Amy you might want to look for the "My Book House" series. I remember reading these under the covers with a flashlight when I was very young. I can't remember what exactly they were about but mostly wholesome fairy tales sort of stuff. They had bad things happen but there was always a moral message with each story. Link about,

Search for "my book house pdf"

Here's one link,

Lots of great reading for kids.

There's also a series I read called "The Jack Tales". Same as Jack and the bean stalk. Jack is a bit lazy and usually tricks the bad guys when he's in a bad situation. Might want to preview these before reading.

There's also a lot of collections of tales other than Aesop's free on the web.

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