Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Star Trek : Into Darkness

Just put it on now while I work. I got it free this week on cable.

Only 20 minutes in, naked propaganda. Definitely a government controlled film, they probably wrote the script or exerted tight controls on the story and theme.

Terrible film like all this cointel agitprop crapola. Dialogue, plot and writing is juvenile garbage. These guys need to at least get a good screenplay when they do this stuff. They are so slack. I guess people are so stupid it doesn't matter, they'll eat up whatever they put on.

A bunch of dumb, "hip" high school kids flying a Starship. They're supposed to be Kirk, Spock and Scotty. I hated Star Trek, always have and always will. I don't think this drek is even as good as that lousy overrated television show.

Two of the new four primary characters are openly gay, two are closeted but obviously gay. You can tell because they are vicious and constantly trying to prove they are better than one another. This is what gay men think masculine males are like. They're not. Testosterone delivered through the proper channels makes you generous, reserved and deferential. Didn't know that, did you? Almost all males with Aspergers have at least double the amount of circulating testosterone as ordinary men. That's right. All those enthusiastic, dedicated nerds are acting masculine. Except masculine is apparently not what ordinary people think it is, which is more like something you would see in a gay leather biker bar. All they think it means to be a man is sorting out who will be the top. That's tragic.

Something interesting to remember is that you know about people from the company they keep. Zachary Quinto is frequently seen with "friends" who consist of several Hollyweird "leading men" who all have the same "acting style" ... they snarl at each other, sneer and collar-grab regularly, usually pressing their lips almost so close they touch against the punk they are setting straight while they "pin" each other ... you know what I am talking about. You have to wonder what our sons and daughters are learning by watching all this crap and being told this is what ordinary males act like. It is utterly deranged and provides them with endless sources of confusion about what exactly this whole civilization thing consists of. That stuff ain't it.


August said...

I found it interesting because of how it failed so badly. I know I've changed, and certainly haven't watched much mainstream stuff, so a lot of the programming is gone from my mind. So when they start pulling the strings, I see what they are doing.
I also found they were extremely bad at basic things, like making Kirk seem like he had any real sense or authority. Khan's motivations are the ones that made some modicum of sense, since he was trying to free his people. You have to be watching mainstream entertainment and constantly be getting the reinforcement for anything in this movie to work. Indeed, if the elites knew what was good for them, they'd make cable free and force everyone to have a T.V. in the house for 'emergency' purposes. The real purposes would be to continually expose us to people behaving like these Star Trek characters & reality TV show people until we thought that behavior was normal.
I ended up writing something after watching this movie: Do Americans Have Attenuated Wills?

JeffreyJerpp said...

What do you mean "delivered through the proper channels"? Scienmagicians have told me testosterone encourages "dominant" behavior in social situations. Is it that, or is testosterone inducing clarity of thought and decisiveness that predisposes people to (actual) leadership characteristics? I am seriously interested to hear your thoughts on this.

JeffreyJerpp said...

Yeah these guys are definitely gay together.

Too bad as I actually enjoyed that movie quite a bit, propaganda notwithstanding. Benedict Cumberbatch has this weird, TM look that made his "I must resurrect my ancient, genetically superior breed to dominate you!" awfully believable.

theepilgrim said...

There's obviously a healthy dose of multi-kulti and Marxist-utopian propaganda in the original series (though it was nothing compared to Next Gen and all the series which followed).

But, if you can actually get passed that wall of garbage, there's some interesting insights in the original. One episode (Spock's Brain) has a planet where all the women have become airheaded, self-indulgent bimbos, and all the men have become half-witted Cro-Magnons whose idea of a debate is clubbing someone until they fall down or agree with them. However, once on this planet existed a great civilization. They created machines and computers that took care of everything...and that was the problem. People forgot how to think and act for themselves, relying on their machines to do everything for them, and so they 'evolved' into this pathetic excuse for a society. Sound familiar? It's pretty much identical to the plot of Idiocracy, 40 years before that movie was made.

But, not surprisingly, this is one of the least liked episodes by most Star Trek fans.

John said...

"Testosterone delivered through the proper channels makes you generous, reserved and deferential."

Can you tell me a little more about the proper channels? I'm sure you're well aware of the "manosphere" and its underlying sentiment. There are a lot of young (and not so young) men out there whose conceptions of masculinity are similar to the one this post highlights. Many of these men have popular blogs. Many of them advocate testosterone supplements. It's quite a mess.

styrac said...

Perhaps they are ‘non-specific’ gender:

Texas Arcane said...


As opposed to injected steroids, which bypass absorption by the endocrine system. This is why the man involved eventually gets testicles the size of chickpeas. He is shutting down his native hormone system and getting it through a needle. It is the fastest route to muscle, tissue and bone but skips the brain altogether unless you consider oestrogen surges, mood swings and bipolar mania to be a male trait.

Testosterone calms people, gives them confidence, good manners, warriors humility and a desire to work for the common good. I know professional wrestlers might give the opposite impression.

August said...

So, if they used something like HCG or gonadotropin they'd be pretty cool to be around?