Saturday, April 26, 2014

Planet Ruled By Peds #3

These guys don't operate in a vacuum. At a minimum they need people to look the other way, sometimes for years.

This guy was running his "cookie races" for years and years and years. Where were the parents? Where were the guardians?

I just don't believe these stories of the lone pedophiles with his magic nosferatu powers of hypnosis that make others his willing dupes.

You can't commit these sorts of crimes without somebody covering for you somewhere. A suspicion arose, a complaint was made and instead of being investigated it just got quietly ignored. I have had experiences with this kind of response in authority to accusations against one of their own. It is usually less important to them to determine if the complaint is genuine than it is to watch out for one another. This is why I think you find one ped, you immediately assume there is a whole nest of them in there.

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