Monday, April 14, 2014

Peds Rule Upper Tier Of Society

In the clergy, the charities, government and the wealthy.

These people act as if they are paragons and role models fit to lecture the common man on right and wrong.

Problem is they seek out these positions because they don't know right from wrong.

In this case, like so many others, the perpetrators enjoy protection from fellow travelers who cover for them every time they are on the verge of being exposed.

They need to put both of these two away for a couple of years to set a good example for the other 99% still crawling around in the shadows.


lunacybooth said...

Hi Tex, your blog is always a worthwhile read.

For a while I tried working on some illustrations depicting similar themes (predatory pathocracy), but lost momentum. Anyway, you are welcome, if you want, to use them.

All the best.

all-hell-and-heaven-breaks-loose-in-2014-the-kali-yuga-where-ignorance-becomes-bliss said...

I am going to see Doc soon.

all-hell-and-heaven-breaks-loose-in-2014-the-kali-yuga-where-ignorance-becomes-bliss said...

I will probably see Doc Soon.

Texas Arcane said...


I had a look. Good stuff.

That's some really intriguing surrealist art. It conveyed a lot with nothing but visuals. I think you have talent.

the-mccanns-versus-the-worlds-biggest-mafia-aangirfan said...

She was locked out of her first two blogs and had to start another one. This is worth taking a look at.

The new one