Saturday, April 26, 2014

Only Crazy For Poor People

The wealthy consider it merely what they need

When Vault-Co started on the web 14 years ago, this sort of thing was regarded as so far out on the fringe it was proof of mental illness. Nowadays it is mainstream must-have accommodation for those who can afford it.


Luke said...

Speaking of the need for bunkers, any new thoughts on the situation in Ukraine?

Once again, thank you for being a light in the dark.

Texas Arcane said...


Getting wild and crazy out there. Opening act for World War III ?

Luke said...

Seems like it. What I'm wondering is, are they really so stupid that they they think this will end well for America? Or do they know exactly what they're doing and actually want a war? For depopulation purposes, blood sacrifice, pure hatred, etc. I'm just a guy who reads the internet but it's pretty damn clear to me where this road goes.

It seems like the figureheads of the Kwa are just plain oblivious/stupid, but the higher ups are intentionally moving towards war and don't mind because they are psychopaths with bunkers.

I'll get the lights on the way out :)

L said...

Something occurred to me the other day regarding Ukraine. Obama has gone out of his way to show that, while America's words are strong, it's actions are weak, such that no one will take them seriously. They've been doing the same with China. The signal has been very clear- so long as you don't threaten the US directly, you can do whatever you want.

The penny dropped last week when Obama visited Japan, and stated categorically that the Senkaku Islands were covered by the Japan-US treaty. In short, he committed The US to fighting a major war with a nuclear power and their largest trading partner over a couple of foreign rocks. After spending the best part of the last couple of months looking very limp wristed.

I think one of two things are happening here. Either a) Obama's advisors have told him that he needs to make a strong statement on China's shenanigans now, in order to forestall a conflict; or b) Obama's weakness in Ukraine, and caving in on his previous rhetoric against Iran, was designed deliberately to signal apathy on foreign policy, so that China would take Obama's statement on the Senkakus as more of the same, and launch some land grab, thus giving the US the casus belli to knock China down a oeg or two. China is rising, and the the US is declining. If the US wants to nip China's ascendancy in the bud, they need to act while the relative power difference is still great enough to assure success. While China is tooled up these days, they lack the operational experience to put those systems to their most effective use. Now is the time to goad them into action, similar to the sanctions that led to Perl Harbour .

Option c) is, of course, that Obama is an empty suit and his advisors are morons of the first order. It's a equally plausible scenario.