Thursday, April 10, 2014

Of Course They Were Nice People

The children of Cain project qualities onto others that they themselves demonstrate but cannot admit to.

Why would Abel do anything other than cherish his children? It is not Abel who had the problems. It was Cain. Abel was the good son. Abel's wife was the good woman. Abel and his wife would love their children more than they loved themselves, many times over. That's the way it is supposed to work. It only breaks down when you start to look at Homo Sapiens. That's when things stop making sense.

A good example is warfare. All Sapiens does is start wars. What sort of man that loves his children approves of war in strange lands and sends his children to fight in these weird battles that never seem to have any real purpose later on? What is wrong with Homo Sapiens?



bush-rothschild-and-the-rockefellers-finance-hitler-through-the-netherlands-after-the-benelux-treaty said...

Chris from Sydney said...

'All Sapiens does is start wars'

His research into the genes for aggression can be traced back to 1978, when a woman in the Netherlands walked into a university hospital with an unusual problem: her family was full of men who were criminals.

All the men — including her brothers and a son — were unusually violent. Two were arsonists and a third tried to drive over his boss; a fourth forced his sisters to strip at knifepoint and a fifth raped his sister. He was sent to a mental institution, where he attacked a warden with a pitchfork.

Fifteen years later, scientists published the startling results. The violent Dutch men all had “borderline mental retardation” and shared a mutation in a gene that prevented them from producing monoamine oxidase A, or MAOA.

MAOA is an enzyme that breaks down important neurotransmitters like serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine — all of which help regulate aggression. The MAOA gene is also on the X chromosome, which explains why only men were affected; women have two X chromosomes so if one carries an MAOA mutation, they still have a backup copy.

There was also criticism that the Dutch researchers failed to consider how these men were raised. They studied the nature but what about the nurture?

To a large extent, this question was addressed a decade later by a landmark study from New Zealand. Researchers followed 442 Caucasian boys from birth until early adulthood and found that those who were “maltreated” — abused or raised in difficult environments — were more likely to become antisocial adults.

They then honed in on 55 of these boys who had low MAOA activity — and when compared to the other maltreated boys, they were three times more likely to be convicted of violent crimes by the age of 26. These boys made up only 12 per cent of the group but were responsible for nearly half the crimes. “They’re doing four times their share of rape, robbery and assault,” researcher Terrie Moffitt told Science magazine.
Borderline mental retardation, violent and destructive, and a sex drive so strong he'd rape his own sister. Sounds perfect as a fast spreading bio-weapon for the Melonheads.

Animals, the lot of them.

P.S Notice how wherever Blacks (i.e no Neanderthal DNA) are everything collapses ? I bet the Melonhead engineer sold that to his department head as an expansion guarantee, they have to keep advancing because they scorched earth everything behind them.

Texas Arcane said...


I think that after two failed strategies, selling the third and final strategy consisted of convincing your peers that the new terminator would never amount to anything. "These creatures won't be able to organise a bowel movement once they have wiped out the Neanderthals for us. They'll pose no more real danger than your standard drone/slave does now except they are a bit more aggressive. The great thing about it will be that this aggression is easily directed against ones enemies when required."

styrac said...

What a contrast with modern day Kwanstainia, where you can rape your infant child and not spend a single day in jail:

FrankNorman said...

I must disagree, at least in part, with Chris from Sydney concerning the blacks. While they demonstrably have problems fitting in with modern-technology civilization (and who doesn't, to be honest?) they are usually quite capable of maintaining stable communities at their own developmental level. Some parts of tribal Africa have been very stable for a long time. Other parts, less so.

The extreme dysfunction of "African-Americans" in the USA's inner cities is at least partly the fault of the Welfare State (financially rewarding women for having children out of wedlock) and the War On Drugs. Young men there grow up without fathers, join gangs because the gang-leader is the only father-figure available, and regard spending time in prison as a rite of passage.

Fred Reed wrote an article on his blog about this - prior to the Civil Rights movement and assorted other Leftist busybodies getting their claws into them, the blacks in North America were nowhere near as messed up as they are now.

Not that any of this contradicts your real thesis here - that behind every nigger flash-mob out killing people and breaking things for the fun of it, there's a cackling Melonhead saying "Good... good.... Release your anger!"

bicebicebice said... hehe even the animals are fed up.

"A spokesman from Warwick University said: "We are blessed over 50 types of birds on campus and simple common sense tells most people to give any bird more space when it is protecting a nest, particularly if they are a large bird."

Too bad saps do not possess common sense :)

theepilgrim said...

What out-dated, racist nonsense. Get with 21st century thinking, Tex. Obviously the only reason the Neanderthals could survive the Ice Age was because of government assistance programs.

In fact, I'm pretty sure da baby-mamas would just walk up to a woolly mammoth, show it their food stamps, and the mammoth would just throw on some BBQ sauce and deep fry itself.

Mantis Mainomai said...

@ FrankNorman

Negro Africans aren't pure Saps I don't think. They Also have archaic admixture, presumably with Erectus. That could explain that sort of long term stability you mention, in Africa.

When life is hard, we seem to fall back on our archaic genes. As Neanderthal genes express themselves in Europe in the culture of hybrid populations, Erectus genes express themselves in Africa. Give either Europeans or Africans an extended surplus, there will be a population boom and the Saps genes assert themselves. Boom will go bust, and the archaic genes come out from hiding among the rubble once the ensuing chaos subsides.

styrac said...

Imagine the mayhem and chaos caused by Saps on the earth extending into space: