Monday, April 28, 2014

Oannis Said He Came From The Bottom Of The Sea

The universal fish-god myth has a helmeted man emerging from the sea where he claims he and his kind create life and release it into the wild.

You have to wonder ... are they confirming the story Oannis told people on every beach in the world?

I don't think life originated on Earth. I think it is seeded throughout the universe and even fills outer space wherever it can travel along on other matter.

Has life been heavily engineered by an earlier race of men using the ocean floor as their laboratory?

Before the other monotheistic religions took hold the cults of Oannis had endured for thousands of years.

Dogs of Atlantis protect swimmer from Great White Shark

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Luke said...

Can anyone recommend any links or books on the subject? Internet searches are just bringing me back here.