Monday, April 21, 2014

NBC's Brilliant New Ratings Strategy

People are not watching Meet The Press because it is the most boring neocon circle jerk that could possibly be imagined. It is five guys sitting around a table discussing how much the funding should be increased for Israel this year and what is the next war that the United States needs to start.

They decided to see if they can get somebody outside their tiny cabal to appear on the show but only on the web, not the televitz. They think this is helping.

They can fire David Gregory and replace him with whatever animatronic model they can find to take his place but Vault-Co predicts that "Meet The Press" has been doomed for the past thirty years when they stopped asking any journalists to attend who do not hold dual-citizen passports.

The fact is, even the sheeple are starting to figure out that "somethin' 'bout that dere shew is rigged." They don't watch amongst other reasons is that the current generation of illiterates cannot follow a complex conversation at all, even one conducted as propaganda by fifth columnists. The problem with destroying the education system is that the citizens who are produced may no longer even be able to understand propaganda aimed at them.

P.S. I heard that as soon as the Obama model was installed in the Hall of Presidents, attendance dropped off sharply for the show. There's just something wrong with a guy like that reading off a Constitutional Oath that he has been breaking 24/7 since he got in office. It ruins the entire exhibit and really puts people off their hotdogs.

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