Sunday, April 27, 2014

Minority Report On The Majority Is Not Minor

Twitter being used actively by New York Police to anticipate crime

How crazy would you think it to suggest this is the reason that the movie was made when the tech was in its infancy in order to start to program the masses to accept the idea? Pretty crazy?

I ask because I got a glimpse into early tenders and work being done by the defense department way back when in a similar flavor. I didn't want to work on these projects because they sounded increasingly sinister. I can assure you somebody did work on them and was paid very well for their efforts.

When it finally matured into a full fledged behavioural prediction system, the rulers could rest easy knowing the sheeple were already brainwashed into accepting it. All it takes is a little suggestion and their miniscule brains just absorb it as part of the background noise alongside all that static in their heads. So the police arrest people now in advance of them doing anything? Whatever. There's a game coming on and I have to get my cheezles.

Once you get people used to the idea, you can arrest anyone at any time for anything. The idea of "crime" vanishes into the province of an arbitrary higher power that simply plucks people off the street because they were "going evil" or "considering doing something wrong." That's all we need to know.

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