Tuesday, April 8, 2014


The pilot had a custom simulator at home and it appears he was practicing to land at Diego Garcia.

I knew it. Where else was that plane going to land when it was last seen in that part of the ocean?

Diego Garcia.

The 'Stain wanted those Freescale engineers.

I knew it. The 'Stain has an army of cointel agitproppers flooding the airwaves with lunatic talk about black holes and alien abductions.

The truth is simple. They landed at Diego Garcia.

Shows you how sloppy they are. They should have told the dumb bastard to remove his hard drive the morning he was due to fly out. Leaving it behind configured and set to this destination is almost as bad as the Sandy Hook girls with 3 meter octopus arms.

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samhuih said...

I believe this is propaganda. Boeing engineer sticks iphone up his ass to get blank picture with embedded info with Diego Garcia as location. Check. Pilot has Diego Garcia in flight simulator. Check. Here's what's going on. They were caught with the Boeing 777 bought from Malaysia Airlines painted just like Flight 370 in Israel. Now they're blaming it on the U.S. They've failed to take away all the firearms. Every day people become more and more wise to the 9/11 true story. If the Jews lose control of the US and their media they're done. Possibly forever or thousands of years at least. Jews be scared. Their best option is to start a nuclear war between US vs. China/Russia. Reset and start over.
Of course I could be wrong. It's very much like the movie "Man with One Red Shoe". Hard to know what they're up to. So many lies to cover so little truth.