Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mankind's Greatest Enemy

One evil empire down, one to go.

Unlike Russia's relatively smooth transition back to a nation from Bolshevist rule, it is likely that Kwanstainia is going to try to take the entire world down with it when it goes.

The bad guys are all clustered there now pulling the puppet strings because their control systems are not working very effectively on the rest of the planet. If they can't steer the U.S. monolith by sitting on its shoulders there is no alternate waiting on the sidelines with similar military power to the U.S. for them to wield. They have reached the end of their reign by stealth and increasingly have to require their colony to do things that are clearly not in it's own national interest. Even the dumbest people are starting to see it and this is not good historically for their influence to be strong. Shining a light on them weakens them exactly the way it does vampires.

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