Saturday, April 19, 2014

Look At What Happened When Kwanstain Missionaries Pulled Out Of China

They were finally able to orient themselves and find their true faith in life.

The problem with the "Christian" missionaries to China is that they were such repulsive human beings they were testifying against Christ, not for him. 'Stainians are rapidly becoming a club nobody else wants to belong to.

Left to their own devices, appears the "soulless orientals" (famous line by British politician) turned out to have bigger souls than anyone. Many decades under the jackboot of godless communism taught them what life is really about.

This is very sincere faith in the Chinese people and it dovetails nicely with the widespread belief in China that the hidden travels of Jesus Christ took him to China before he began his ministry in the New Testament.

I predict that these people are going to go very, very far in life. Their civilisation may achieve all the things that science fiction writers in the West only dreamed of. They have the very best of foundations upon which to build their house.

There is a delicious moment when the atheist idiots begin to understand the scope of what they have done and they start to beg everybody to please forget everything that they previously said. Shortly before they are hoisted into the air and thrown screaming onto the grill of an outdoor barbecue. Wait, they shriek, I meant keep the principles and throw out the basis … you can never hear it too clearly because another guy has them in a headlock forcing a bucket of chicken salt down his throat for seasoning purposes. After food riots resulted in angry mobs razing the city in late era Rome and dragging the wealthy into the streets to trample with horses, atheists had rushed back into the temples to try to get people started in observances again. They liked to be seen in public wearing temple ribbons to show their affiliation to various sects. This is the same play except they change the actors at regular intervals. They usually don't figure out the economics of homogeneity until they are long gone. Understanding how Christianity is the possible mother of all economic stimulus packages eludes their tiny shiny little brains.

Long after the 'Stain is a deserted radioactive wasteland and a perch for crows, I believe the Chinese people will set foot on Mars and explore the limits of the solar system. It gives me pleasure to think that human beings will continue on in some form and do great things while keeping their Creator in mind.

My own original nation is a wash. They proved themselves to lack the right stuff. It turned out they were too easily derailed by their melonhead contingent and they lacked the will to think for themselves. At the end of the day, they just were not willing to fight against the consensus. All that mattered to them was what others thought of them not what they thought of themselves.

Every Chinese convert is an example of a person who had the courage and independent will to gravitate towards a religion that was not State-approved and could earn them torture or death. They must have decided that the whole world be damned, the truth for them was what was more important. It is impossible to understate what kind of internal fortitude this represents. This same will was lacking when ZOG took over the United States and it became a cashpump colony for Israel. After Kennedy was assassinated all the rest conceded easily and completely surrendered. If a people can be conquered by killing just one of their leaders, those people were never of much worth to begin with. They had to have a lot of dog in them to give up with so little contest. The reality is that for most of them, Jesus Christ was the only jew they were never scared to death of. They worshipped the Golden Calf instead of letting God be true and every man a liar. This made them a people who could easily be overcome by anyone and there is always somebody waiting in the wings for a nation that forgets why they exist.

I imagine my fellow 'Stainians arguing over genders and patriarchy, wives against their husbands, mothers against their sons, brother versus brother, squabbling about who is less sexist or more progressive, who the government will legislate against next to provide special privileges to some others … right up to the instant the missile contrails appear in their skies, still determined to get the last word in on their grievances before they detonate overhead and you just know that these people were never going back to the moon. That was the high point of their nation's history and it has all been downhill since then. Seriously, though … if they were that easy to pit against one another and throw into chaos, how solid could their country have been to start with? How sincere their faith? People show their strength of character by adherence to their principles and since Amerikwans abandoned all of theirs almost overnight, what does that say about what kind of people they really were?

When historians write about the end of the United States, what will they think of a bunch of people who would permit someone like Barack Obama to become President, a man who has no proof he was even born there, no record of having ever had a job, a lifelong history of drug addiction and street hustling/male prostitution? People talk about poor Emperor Nero of Rome being such a monstrous tyrant and lunatic. Nero was like Thomas Jefferson compared to Barry Soetoro or whatever his real name is. Who thinks such a man is fit to be their leader? Only a bunch of people who are not screwed in too tight.


live and learn said...

Buddha and jesus had very similar teachings. They also had similar branching out effects of different versions of the teachings and splits among different sub groups. Like jesus, buddha took many things from his cultural religion and also brought his own teaching. There are many differences between hinduism and judaism but the core teaching that buddha and jesus brought, particularly loving thy nieghbor as thyself, are very similar. I friend told me once that the prophets of men, like all men, are influenced by their personal history. I believe that a filtering process is needed for the study of all religions. Hopefully the chinese can filter and keep the essential wisdom that leads to the "way".

Mike @ SATEX said...


Let's reserve judgment on removing the quotes around "Christian" as far as the Chinese are concerned:

1. Those you called "dual-passport-holders" are very aware that there's billions of people immune to their whole *schtick*. Many, if not most, are in East Asia.

2. Upon collapse of the United States, the Chosen are going to need a new "Golem", and they know it. Someone else to break up all those 'existential threats'.

3. How will we know whether the Chinese have been picked for the job? Look for the John-Hagee/CUFI axis to do its own "Pivot to Asia" with planeloads of Scofield bibles. Observe Chinese 'megapreachers' making trips to Israel. You know the drill.

Chris James said...

All religion is the following of the intuition that there is a "most high," a transcendent being. That there are different religions with their own god(s) only indicates the effort to discover its form; it's not about which culture was/is right or wrong, we've just narrowed it down a bit more each time -ask Marcus Aurelius. Intuition will lead men right more then it will lead them wrong, if only they are open to it and able to cancel out the other noise that infiltrates their minds.

You can tell the level of a person's intuition by the degree that they need to be taught. A person with a clear ringing intuition will pick up many skills and knowledge on their own, or after a brief introduction to fundamentals at most. Those lacking need to be taught everything by other people. The common refrain from other people when you demonstrate some skill or persuasive insight is "where did you learn that/who taught you/who trained you?" But where would man be if he had to wait for someone else to come along and tell him how to do? Who taught the Neanderthal how to hunt, fight (combat arts in general would have never been developed at all if man had to be taught how to fight by another man), domesticate animals, rear children, paint on rock walls, swim, etc?

Under the corrupt atmosphere of communist rule, where, as the kids say, shit got real, a few epiphanies were probably had in many a Chinese mind.

live and learn said...

Very well put. I feel like many religions can keep a person afraid of their intuition. Religion can make a person believe they must follow a outside source and quit listening to there own inner guidance. Bruce lee seemed to have realized this very well.