Monday, April 14, 2014

Kwanstainia : Scheduled For Liquidation

The new weapons (from the 1950's) : Multi-warhead home deliveries

Read carefully for the mention of "Open Skies." Taxpayers, did you know your government was giving permission to foreigners to fly military aircraft over national airspace and your homes at night at their leisure? Unthinkable. I read about this many years ago and thought it was so stupid that only somebody devoted to global governance could possibly think this was a good idea. Nobody concerned with the security of their own citizens would ever permit such a thing.

China goes public about the war in space (easiest place to drop 'em from orbit in curtains of nukes)

Er … wait, you're thinking. What's this about "increasing the use of space for the military?" I wasn't aware there was a military use of space. Isn't that stuff forbidden, or at least it used to be? In fact, outside of that nut who runs the Vault-Co site for the past ten years, I had not heard anything about any of this. You're right. Outside of Vault-Co, you hadn't heard of it.

Hey, you're probably thinking, no need to worry, doesn't the government have some kind of huge secret infrastructure to defend during this kind of war … ABM sites, huge radar arrays, 24 hour monitoring … well, actually, no. All of that stuff exists only inside your head. We used to have a real military devoted to defence - it even operated for a whole year back in 1976. It is all closed down now.  Politicians realised that it is expensive to provide even minimal support for defence to civilians beyond mere gestures. This might cut into funding for their own shelters and provisions. You have nobody anywhere worrying about defence of civilians or North America beyond small token installations pretending to do stuff. All the current strategy is based on offense. Defense for thermonuclear wars was mothballed decades ago. In fact, they actually allow potential combatants to fly over your house at night at whim when you are sleeping inside to rest up for your tax paying revenue generation tomorrow.

Unless you get a vault of your own, you do not figure into any equation anywhere. You are on your own in the most profound sense of the word.

P.S. Is that ABM pyramid HOT or what? This is hardcore survivalist porn, do not allow your children to click through to that link. My gander was up looking at that thing. I was trying to figure out how much it might cost me to build one of those today with insulated concrete forms.  HOT. Thing looks like it could shrug off a direct hit. You'd be inside and feel a little rocking sensation and go right back to playing GALAGA on your parlor table console. The planet could be so radioactive on the surface you could boil an egg on a car hood and you'd barely even know it inside. HOT!! I am extremely keen to work on a survival horror computer game set in one of these things, too much I have to finish up now before I can work on it.


JeffreyJerpp said...

It is going to snow tonight.

In New Jersey.

In mid-April.

Getting kind of freaky....

Texas Arcane said...


Year without a sun?

It is doesn't warm up soon summer will be changing into fall before you know it.

Now imagine how cold it would be next year if this happens.

JeffreyJerpp said...

The herd is starting to spook here. People who thought I was crazy two years ago now pause, wrinkle their brow briefly, then murmur "" as if to reassure themselves that everything is OK.

It is not. This place will turn into 28 Days Later the minute anything goes wrong. When hurricane Sandy came, minorities had already plotted their looting sprees on twitter before the thing made landfall. The few remaining white people in this area walk around in a permanent daze, somehow unaware of the changes happening around them, hoping the sound of hoof beats in the background will stop growing louder with each passing day.

Russell said...

The amusing thing is that a lot of the elites will spending quality time wondering how their entrails ended on their outsides while the mob cheerfully loots their bolt holes and sets fire to what's bolted down.

Don't get me wrong, it's going to suck for the average joe, like me, but all their plans are going to go pear shaped on contact.