Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Jimmy Savile Was Good, Good, Good Friends With Prince Charles

Salt and Pepper. Tom and Jerry. White on Rice. Solid Bros With A Fist Bump. Straight-up Homeys. Like Siamese Twins. You couldn't get a sheet of paper between these two.
Poor Princess Diana, a beautiful fertile young woman left alone and completely ignored by her "husband," driving her into the arms of other men desperate for some basic physical contact and elementary human affection and love.
Read the article. After Savile was so well known to be a pedophile it was an open secret, his good friend Charles put him forward for a knighthood. Think about that.

I will never forget watching the last interview with Jimmy Savile where he claimed he would never be exposed because his friendships went all the way to the top and he could expose people at the very pinnacle of British society if he needed to. He basically described himself to Louis Theroux as a "made man" who could not be touched because of his powerful friends.

P.S. "City of London" IP hit this website 5 seconds after this was posted. Only automation would be that fast.


Luke said...

Yes they are clearly watching you. A bit of a compliment in my opinion. I hope that doesn't become a problem...

Have they ever tried to contact you?

Grognard said...

Not surprising.