Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jeff Bauman Released In 19 Days Of Rehab!!!!

After losing "both legs" in the Boston Bombing!!!

Oh snap, that is one bad-ass Jeff Bauman. Both legs blown off and out of the hospital in 19 days. That's even better than recovery from gunshot wounds in action movies.

Your average man would be in rehab a couple of years. These tough cusses are signed up for a photo-op in the Special Olympics before the blood has dried. That's what I call a miracle.

If you didn't know better you'd think these guys were already amputees. That's just crazy talk. Nineteen days in hospital, that makes perfect sense.

Watch the videos here to see the "crisis laps."

It is actors in safety vests running back and forth empty-handed to give the impression of frantic activity. They are not talking or shouting instructions to each other or explaining where they are running to or why. It is all just theatrical creating the impression of excitement and activity.

Want to know why these things are totally staged instead of some operative actually committing an act? It is much easier to control the situation when none of it is real. Real injured people would talk. If you control every single participant and have everyone on your payroll you can leave no traces and no loose ends.


JeffreyJerpp said...

Jeff Bauman said he is like "Wolverine" from the X-Men franchise in a TV interview. This would be hilarious if it were a satire movie about a dystopian future where the government put out unintentionally ridiculous propaganda. The second commenter (I am not making this up) said "And the first thing he did when he woke up is identify one of the bombers. He's a awesome guy. His rescuer is too."

Russell said...

"I don’t know what happened. But I know that they’re lying to us."

I keep saying that. I've said that since 9-11.

The liars lie. That's what they always do.

Eventually the music will stop, it always does, and the house of cards will fall, it always does.

After that the the dust will settle and the survivors will get things under control. They always do, or they cease to be.

I had seen a video on Youtube, I can't find it now, but it clearly showed one of the "victims" stand up, look around, start if he realized he missed a cue, then get back down on the ground and act like he was in pain.

The telltale sign for me when it's being staged is how people act. If they act like a scene from a movie or tv show, it's fake.

If they act like their world just collapsed around them, panic writ large on their faces flushed with adrenaline, then something serious really happened to them.

Grognard said...

Looks like the explosion curled his hair and turned it from black to brown, too, which was then straight and black again in the hospital.

He lost most of his jewishness as well and became more german looking. Kind of odd.

His eye sockets look deeper, and the bridge of the nose cuts in more on wheelchair guy.

Most of all it's shocking he's conscious at all after the blast. Seems very unlikely.

Every photo just looks very posed, ultimately. Cowboy EMT and asian nurse and blonde doctor and mexican fireman all coming together to save an injured man. I can imagine surviving it with immediate care but that would also be very touch and go and as the dr says the tourniquet seems to have no tightening effect. There's also no blood spraying out of his massively ruptured femoral artery during the video.

I just don't know what they think they can accomplish with this nonsense.

Publius said...

I'm outta this hellhole full of fakers.

Wish me luck - I have a sinking feeling that being an Americant is going to make it harder to get out. I will have to convince the destination country that I'm neither the standard dumb American, nor an agent.

Texas Arcane said...


What you fail to realize is that Jeff Bauman is such an ultimate bad-ass he wills his stumps not to bleed after having both legs blown off. Then he willed himself to heal in 19 days so he could do photo-ops and go on tour. You're just jealous because you can't clamp your own arteries closed with sheer willpower after you've had both legs completely blown off.

Texas Arcane said...


... and I almost forgot about his power to will his hair to change colors and look like different nationalities on the fly. What I don't understand is why he didn't use his massive raw will to make both legs grow back before they put him in the ambulance and took him to the hospital. Chuck Norris and Jeff Bauman had a fight. Chuck is now considering gender reassignment surgery because Bauman is an ultimate bad-ass.