Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Introduced Scarcity

Globalism means controlling the food supply and being able to turn the spigots on or off at will.

Real free markets interfere in that they almost always bring food prices down. If you control all supply and don't allow consumers to source their food you can set prices wherever you like.


Russell said...

Not to mention they want to control what is, and isn't, in the foodstuff.

Open markets, small business, less government, all those meddle with the Godless central planning committees.

Simon said...

OT, but here's a hilarious article.

The closing two paragraphs are pure gold:

"Andranik Migranyan, a past member of Russia’s Presidential Council and currently an adviser to the Vladimir Putin administration, told reporters that ever since the Georgia war, Russia has been spending to radically upgrade its military, but that the West has only itself to blame for not following along.

“We have new armament, new army, new training,” he said. “It’s very strange you are not following what’s happening.”"

If you had been reading Vault-Co, you would be six years ahead of the curve.