Monday, April 14, 2014

Hunger Games : Catching Fire

I am sitting watching it now. It is pretty grim stuff for a film aimed at the summer audience.

I don't know why this movie was made because it appears to be revealing what sort of world the elites have planned for everybody else.

Is this part of "illumination of the method" in advance? Hollyweird must have vetted this script. They must have known people would see the parallels in the world right now. Did they want to try to begin to normalize all of this so it would not seem so unexpected in the future?

Obama's regime is a little taste foreshadowing what is planned for the longer term and I expect it would be a lot like this. Part of reserving more and more federal land and banning all use of national reserves (for hunting or cattle grazing and any other purpose) is working with Agenda 21 at the United Nations to concentrate people into smaller regions where they can be managed and their resource pipeline (food included) controlled just as shown in this film.


styrac said...

As I wrote on this blog after watching the first film, the irony is not in the movie, the irony is the movie, that people are paying to watch simple-minded, childish versions of what is actually and symbolically happening to them.

cbenediccengi said...

The hook in the mouth of the West was credit, as marx/engels/some jack-ass said, 'we will give the capitalists the rope with which to hang themselves'..

those 'lands' are collateral on the national debt. debt we accumulated through brain dead consumerism (FUCK feminism by the way; you race traitor whores know who you are..), ala, the 'cloward-pivens' strategy.

That, and paying niggers to breed and not riot because they're bored.

You're right, the ants will be shoved into the cities so they can't attend to the base layer of maslow's hierarchy - ie. self-sufficiancy, and the queen (marxists/psychopaths) will control/starve them to death as needed. same story throughout history...rinse, wash (oceans of blood), repeat.

side note, you ever watch the movie adaptation to the comic, The Watchman? Top notch. You'd love if you haven't seen it.

Melkayar said...

They reveal bits of a future dominated by a totalitarian regime just to make the masses ready to accept and not fight the elitist future their children might live in.

They've been doing this for quite awhile. That's how Brave New World and 1984 came in. They let some people tell the truth to check how many people will actually bother to listen. It's part of the social engineering thing. Pretty dark stuff.