Saturday, April 12, 2014

"How I Live Now" With Sairse Ronan

Caught this tonight on cable while I was working. Pretty good film. Reminded me of "Time of the Wolf" from France.

I'd give it four stars out of five.

Suggests Britain is a couple years away from ethnic separatist movements. One of these factions detonates a nuclear weapon in London killing hundreds of thousands. The story is about a young American girl caught at a farm in Britain when this happens.

Has a couple genuinely scary moments. I would have raided the crashed airliner for food but they didn't know any better. Also some pretty graphic atrocity scenes, not for the meek hearted. A little too disturbing to be a summer teen romance.

Conveys what a thin veneer so-called "civilization" really consists of. About five minutes away from chaos on a good day with enough people who have no common interests.

As a former atheist, I can tell you that one thing you want to happen when society breaks down is to be surrounded by devout Christians. Pity atheists who are too stupid to figure it out.

My most important day as a soldier when I was in the military was the day I realized that the majority of people who die in warfare, who are slaughtered in warfare, who are raped in warfare are unarmed civilians. Puts a whole new light on all that bunkum about patriotism, freedom and courage. Warfare is about releasing mad dogs on the good people of the earth, that's all it is.


Chris James said...

Civ is a "house of straw," as the Road Warrior intro so aptly puts it.

I laugh when I read or hear atheists talking about how religion is for the weak. However, the truth is that any religion practiced properly IS A DISCIPLINE!. Self denial demands strength. But who is the first to tuck tail, go into panic, or scream "OMG!" at the first meager threat that comes along? Your modern liberal youngfag.

And these people have no loyalty or sense of sacrifice concerning their biological families, which means they are either aberrations not fit or meant for life on Earth or completely self-serving, which means you don't want to sleep with them around. You might wake up with the tenderest meat on your bones missing.

olebob said...

Yeah it was a good movie Tex.

I assume our Eastern European friends will be going through that real soon, thanks to the evil that controls the USSA and EUSSR.

J.M. said...

At least in the West civilian casualties due to direct military engagement (bombardment of civilians) never exceeded military casualties. Normally most civilian deaths were due to consequences of war (famine, disease due to the large number of corpses in open fields) etc. All of that changed with the advent of military aviation and its deployment in WWII when all of a sudden the cities BECAME the battlefield. Previously the armies went out in open field to engage the enemy. Now since the cities are the prize, as Churchill used to say, Strategic bombing (another great milestone for the Anglosphere).