Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Helium Boils Off Ahead Of Magma Bubble

Helium-4 precedes eruptions in super volcanos. It is a function of what is called magma buoyancy which is unusually energetic in the kinds of supervolcanos responsible for mass extinction events.

A thousand times above normal, sufficient to asphyxiate animals in locations without ventilation

Moles and other animals that live in burrows seen running aboveground, even earthworms coming to the surface in dry mud for no apparent reason.

The animals just sense something isn't right. Winter herds vanishing to go anywhere they don't smell that stuff coming out of the ground. Millions of years of experience have enabled them to know when a piece of land is a bad place to be.

Times like this, I'm damn happy to be living on the opposite side of the planet.

Nuclear War isn't even serious compared with events like these. Nukes cannot accelerate ejecta to escape velocity, supervolcanos can fire rocks at other planets. Some scientists believe ejected radioactive debris can be more lethal and higher in gamma emissions than the fallout from a nuclear groundburst for people downwind of one of these things when it goes off. You don't need just to filter your air of toxic ash you also need shielding belowground if you are anywhere in the distribution pattern downwind from the eruption.

Now you know why good neanderthals were never more than ten steps away from a Vault. They were in this game for the long haul and lived accordingly.


Amy said...

In the name of heaven, Tex! I knew the animals would know. I'd never read much about it, but I spend a lot of time outside with the critters, and they just know when something isn't right, and run for shelter. God gave every animal enough brains to preserve their own hides. Except for sapes, apparently.

I figured some sort of mass migration of animals would occur, probably with one particular species acting like a pied piper to start the whole population moving. Elk first, then the wolves who prey upon them. Bellwether species, letting us know that great change is afoot. Will they be able to get far enough away, though?

I live in the NE USA, a hundred miles or so from the coast. I'm not sure I'm far enough away but I gather my chances are better than someone in Wyoming or Montana.

The animals know. They always do. I despise human arrogance that says we know better. My dog is more intelligent than most peoples' honor-student kids, I'd trust him before any talking head telling me all is well.

Amy said...

One more thing. I'm sorry, I'm no supergenius or even a mid-wit but scientists think that earthquakes could trigger eruptions...why does this sound like common sense to me rather than some complex scientific hypothesis?

The quakes in LA and Chile are pointing to disaster on a scale most people, I fear, cannot possibly imagine. May God spare us.

John said...

I think watching animals was critically important to survival in the past. Dogs are incredibly sensitive to things we can't pick up on and they were probably good for a lot more than hunting back in the day.

Just to make sure, is this the program you recommended:

Thanks again.

cbenediccengi said...

I'm digging Putin more by the day. You'd have to be one crafty son of a bitch to end up on top in this environment.

the-migration-of-the-khazar-jews-into-japan-where-judaism-morphed-into-shinto-and-the-lost-city-of-mu said...

Thanks for the link.

Texas Arcane said...


I'm sure a woman like yourself hears this a couple hundred times a day anyhow but you are very easy on the eyes. You remind me of those contrasting photos we ran a while back showing the difference between masculinized women nowadays and the truly feminine women of the past. I know a couple thousand men who would probably throw themselves into traffic if you dropped a dime and it rolled into the median strip.

I was trying to reply to your comment but my head was swiming looking at your photo. Please replace this with a stock picture of either Rosie O'Donnell or Bella Abzug so we can concentrate on responding to your posts.

Texas Arcane said...


If you figure every time something like this has happened, 75% of the animals who did not register something was wrong and just stayed there chewing their cud were killed, that the remaining 25% who responded were sharpened for these events again and again. Pretty soon it was as natural as a cow knowing the sun is going down and it is time to go back to the stable. They would notice signs, feel things and just head to a place where these feelings would stop. I am always amazed that before earthquakes all the animals run up mountains to avoid being in low-lying areas.

Texas Arcane said...


I remembered I was working on a ranch with my father waiting for me at the fence and I had just thrown a bale of hay down on the ground for them when all of a sudden a little grass snake popped out of the bale. It was as the cattle were moseying over to take a bite of the bale.

As soon as one cow saw the snake, they all leaped backwards a couple feet at the same time like somebody had fired a gun in their ear. I said to my father "Must have scared them badly when they figured out what it was." He said "They don't think. That would result in them reacting too slowly. They jump back instinctively because cows who had to think about it got bit and died, leaving no offspring. They just react to seeing the snake and they probably don't have to think about it one second."

Amy said...

How about Eddie Monsoon of Ab Fab? She's everything I don't want to be but fear I'll become without proper vigilance. Thank you for your kind comment.

As for the animals, ancestral memory is everything. When I was very young, I used to think God spoke to the animals, to help them, because they never sinned and were innocent. I think God talked to men, too, but men didn't listen because they thought they knew better. Noah and the ark, right?

Well, I'm old now and I still believe that. Maybe not in the literal way that I would talk to my children, but I believe in psychic power, in being able to "hear" God, but only if you're listening. I think we're getting plenty of signals loud and clear lately.

Grognard said...

confirmed: human intelligence comes from neanderthals.