Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Gotta Run It One More Time

Never fails to make me laugh hard as hell.

Poor bitch got a meter long arm wrapped around her sister. Also notice the white aliasing where they cut this arm and pasted it from somewhere else.

I don't claim to be a psy-ops master, I was never more than a trainee.

I swear when they brought the photos for me to proof, I would pimp-slap the fool who photoshopped this one and I would have thrown it out. Just not believable. I would tell the idiot you're fired, I don't want you involved in any more photo montage. That is the most incompetent thing I have ever seen. I have seen fake atrocity photos from the Russians in World War II that were more convincing and you had all that tech at your disposal. Do you even know how to use the blend tool on the upper edge of that arm? It looks so paper dolled in there.

You can see exactly what happened. They had the original of the two below her, probably in front of another background. They wanted to do the least editing possible, especially not getting into adjustments of the space between them and messing up the contrast on their two arms against each other. So they decided to just loop some random girl's arm around the outer shoulder on the left and mask her into the middle behind them. But the arm is way, way too long. They would have done better with just a simple hand there and a really fake looking shadow like the one on the right side.

The feeling you get from everything is that this was a rush job by interns who were hired by subcontractors, which is likely to be fairly close to the truth. There was nobody proofing the final work, they just popped it into an envelope and couriered it over to the puppet journalist who would claim to have gotten it from the parents.

I know what you're thinking now. Where did that picture of the poor girl in the middle come from? Some satanic pedophile ring that sacrificed her ten years ago, etc.? Well, don't you worry. You see, the girl in the middle is simply the girl at bottom right a few years later. The fact is, there was never a third girl. Nobody died to make this photo. They just took a photo of the two sisters when they were younger and added a fake sibling who never existed. If you're like me, you worry more about where these fake shots of people came from and imagine the worst. Looks like this one is pretty minor hoaxing with no child's bones in a landfill somewhere. Look, she even wore the same dress when she went to see the teenage manwhore. Damn, those kids are cheerful after a school shooting. Talk about resilience. Gives you faith in the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity, doesn't it?

(Before I forget, make sure you read this, as well. Looks like these kids were farmed out for photo shoots by their parents on many occasions. )


samhuih said...

Sandy Hook: Whole City Got FREE Houses!

To understand the significance of linking the gong show to this post you might have to be little older. But maybe you'll understand.

samhuih said...

Somebody else said database place holder is the reason for the zero. I'll buy that. Some records show sales values THEN zero. Not sure what to make of that.

There's another guy who says the whole thing stinks at Sandy Hook. He supposedly has impressive credentials. One of the things he did was ask," what company cleaned up after the shooting?", no one knew. Find about him with a search of'

"sandy hook School Safety Expert Wolfgang Halbig"

A good video of the questions he's asking. You have to go 30min. or so to hear him.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio to release new evidence

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