Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ghostery - Tracking The Spooks In Your Machine

Free and found here.


Tim said...

Not for IE version 11

alanmcl said...

Ghostery is closed source, and shares info with advertising companies (though you can turn that off).

You may be better with Disconnect, an open source alternative with no ad industry affiliation.

Here's a good resource:

alanmcl said...

Here's more on Ghostery:

KW Jackson said...

I've always used PeerBlocker however it is not really any better than Ghostery - all those solutions pale in comparison to a proper user of Tor (onion routing).

alanmcl said...

Even with Tor anonymizing your traffic you can still be tracked across websites. Tor doesn't block any content, so those Facebook "like" buttons will still render and sites can still place cookies.

You need something like Disconnect or Ghostery to block that tracking on the client side.

The most paranoid browsing would look something like: Firefox + Tor + Disconnect + Adblock Edge + NoScript + disable all cookies or flush them after you're done browsing.

HalibetLector said...

Tor is good, just make sure your install file is clean.

"According to a top-secret NSA presentation provided by the whistleblower Edward Snowden, one successful technique the NSA has developed involves exploiting the Tor browser bundle, a collection of programs designed to make it easy for people to install and use the software. The trick identifies Tor users on the Internet and then executes an attack against their Firefox web browser."