Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gardasil Is a Final Solution For Females

The majority of people would never believe how many women have died from being injected with this poisonous garbage or left permanently incapacitated.

If I was a black man I'd be boiling over with fury. They target black females for these campaigns and encourage them all to get it, usually resulting in them being sterilised or left in a wheelchair. Technically speaking Gardasil is a targeted attempt at genocide. I have trouble believing any father would let his daughter get one of these. If I ever catch a doctor sticking my offspring with one of these without getting my permission I will break the needle off in the top of his head.

Last year I read about some of the "side effect" statistics and I could not believe the FDA did not step in and order it withdrawn immediately.


Publius said...

It's pretty amazing.
I still can't understand how the vaccine scandals are kept covered up.
I personally know at least three families whose children became autistic and/or had seizures right after receiving vaccines. Of course, I know many more families who have autistic children. One guy has TWO autistic children. The majority of the parents don't mention vaccines, and I hesitate to ask if they were vaccinated on the normal schedule. I suspect they were.

It is pure carnage, and if you protect your child, you are viciously attacked for endangering the public health. I love the term they use: herd immunity.
The majority of humans are certainly herd-like sheep.

However, aren't the children of the pro-vaccine people already protected (supposedly), since they have received the poisons?

Russell said...

It's odd to me, one part of the US government seems bound and determine to keep breeding the underclass, including the blacks, without any sort of family structure, and yet there is another part that, though the big pharams and abortion clinics, are trying to wipe them out.

I can't tell if two competing plans are being run to see which one works best for TPTB, or both are just part of the master plan to create chaos and destructive wherever and whenever possible.

In either case, Obamacare is helping my family disengage from modern medicine, and that is going to help us avoid potential problems at the dr.s office. Can't stick you if you aren't there.

I'm sure that loophole will be plugged up at some point, but I'm using it for now.

all-hell-and-heaven-breaks-loose-in-2014-the-kali-yuga-where-ignorance-becomes-bliss said...

It is equal opportunity, they want to give gardasil to the little boys now also.

The supermarket shampoos are now showing evidence of causing brain cancer and the chocolates at all filling stations and chain stores are showing at least 8 roach parts in each bar, along with other things like jelly beans which contain shellac and other substances to numerous to casually mention here.

Probably the few actually getting it right are doped up and walking naked through new york exclaiming the end is near. Who would have thought years ago they were onto something?

Chris James said...

I thought that the plan was to let the lower classes breed and sterilize the mid-to-upper class. I heard a talk about it, but I forgot the reasons for each tactic. Part of it has to do with breaking down the family structure (also through media propaganda, entertainment, etc.)of the educated classes who are more likely to be discretionary about reproducing. Isolate, disconnect, replace the biological family with the government/corporate "family."