Sunday, April 27, 2014

Free Candy Day At Vault-Co

Everybody likes candy! Take one and pass it around!

Remember when food was made from food. I miss those days. Good old food made from food products or food by-products or food derivatives. At least things were made from food back in those days.

You don't really miss food until you've got nothing to eat but animal bones, petrochemicals and genetically modified mercury laced corn syrup. It's only a matter of time before they start seasoning it with a bit of soylent green to really hit the spot.


njartist said...

Gelatin has always been known to be an animal by-product. What do you think Jello is?

Ted Walther said...

Way ahead of you. I'm supplementing my mercury laced GMO corn with Soylent Purple. Purple? Yes. It has extra iodine in it. Thanks to Rob Rhinehardt for getting the thing off the ground.

And 100,000 curses to VegaOne and other companies who are subverting Soylent by larding chlorella, spirulina, and other disgusting scavengers into their versions of soylent.

theepilgrim said...

Funny you mention Soylent Green, because my first thought when watching that movie was that very few people today would even care if food were made from dead people. In fact, leftists, and especially the good folks at PETA, would probably celebrate this monumental step forward in human-beast equality.

Russell said...

Better living through chemistry!

samhuih said...

I have soylent on order from a kickstarter campaign. Taking them forever.